The Gospel and Mental Health – Dr Bruce Wauchope

There are many issue that affect our mental health. Some of these issues, our conscience, our understanding of the Gospel, fear and disassociation, Western culture, Greek philosophy, our deep unregulated areas of emotion, and our “black hole” amongst others may bind us to the Love that is already given to us.

Getting through the maze of our defenses and subsequent complications is not possible unless our fear and guilt are not the basis of our functioning. Jesus Christ is the One who knows the Father, and he shares with us, behind our defenses to the deepest and darkest parts of our being that we may not like.

He commands us to let Him love us. As we let His love in, we begin to heal.

This thought provoking DVD series helps us recognise some of those issues that block us to the love of God given to us in Jesus Christ.

We pray that you may be open to receive His love.

This is the first session of 12. The rest are available on DVD or downloads from our website

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