21 Days Tone Up App – Meet Tori, your Personal Trainer & Dietician

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Welcome to 21 Days Tone Up!

You will be instructed by me, Tori, your very own personal trainer and dietician – I will motivate and push you to help you reach and achieve your goals.

The Plans

Choose from a range of full body and targeted 21 day plans, that are designed to deliver visible, lasting results in just three weeks. Once you have finished a 21 day plan, we recommend that you choose a 7 day recovery plan before picking another 21 day plan, to maximise your results!

The Workouts

Not ready to commit to a plan, or looking to maximise your results by adding supplementary workout or recovery sessions? We have an extensive workout library with one off, on-demand workout sessions for you to choose from!

The Meals

Customise your own meal plan each day by choosing your own breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! Choose from hundreds of different Vegan, Clean Eating, Paleo & Keto recipes, and simply add the ingredients to your shopping list in a single tap! Our diet planner allows you to easily track calories, nutrients and water intake, helping you stay on track.

The Progress

Track your progress by recording your weight and progress photos. Compare before and after photos using our comparison slider, and share your amazing results with friends and family on social media!

Get Fit Now!

It takes 21 Days to create habit! Exclusively to the App Store.

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