Why Do I Always Feel So Hot? – Top Three Causes

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Do you regularly feel like you are sitting next to a furnace and wind up asking yourself “Why do I always feel so hot?” You already know that this condition is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing. Typically women suffer from this syndrome more than men do because it is more common for a woman’s hormones to fluctuate than it is for a mans hormones to fluctuate, but many men suffer from feelings of being overheated as well.

  1. Hormone Imbalance– the most common cause of thinking “why do I always feel so hot?” is because your body temperature is fluctuating due to hormone fluctuations. Your hormones control your body temperature when they are off so are you. Hormone fluctuations occur during certain times in life; pregnancy, mid life, and under stressful times.
  2. High Blood Pressure- High blood pressure can leave you feeling overheated. When your blood pressure rises above normal ranges your body responds by heating up. This will easily cause you to ask “why do I always feel so hot”.
  3. High Blood Sugar- diabetes or being hyperglycemic can leave you feeling hot all the time. If you are suffering from being uncomfortably hot all the time in the absence of hormonal issues you may want to get your glucose levels checked.

If you are asking yourself “why do I always feel so hot?” You may be dealing with an imbalance or a disease, the only way to know for sure is to determine the cause by going through the list and than take steps to treat the cause.

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