Whole Foods Market Store: Whole Body Mirror

Whole Foods is well known for their high quality food standards. And those same high standards are applied to personal care products as well. In the Whole Body department, you’ll find everything from vitamins to sunscreen. Although Whole Foods offers more than just food, many shoppers were unaware of this section entirely. And many who knew about it still chose to purchase these items elsewhere.

We set out to change that.

To raise awareness of these products and to encourage more traffic into the section, we created the Whole Body Mirror. A reflection catches the eye of passing shoppers as the mirror is activated to reflect their aura. Curiosity draws them in, and a playful moment ensues. We challenge shoppers to “align their whole body” by mimicking a pose. Success activates a “burst” of the shopper’s aura, revealing a related product and helping shoppers locate it on the aisles. Customers can play to their heart’s content, cycling through a playlist of poses. Often times, the mirror draws in traffic, but, in every case, it draws attention.

Kids of ALL ages have fun with the mirror. We use curiosity to encourage product discovery, helping customers take notice of the department and its products. With the mirror, we’ve transformed an end cap into an unexpected, delightful moment. And proved that sometimes, if you want to change human behavior, all you have to do is add a little fun.


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