Weight Loss Diet – Calorie Contents in Food

Calories are a unit measuring how much energy that a food can produce. This is the energy content of food. If you can reduce about 500 calories a day or in 2 days from the food you take; this will help you lose about a pound or half of a kilogram of your unwanted weight. If you reduce your intake calories of food consistently, you will have to achieve a tremendous success per week

I know you want to eat to loose weight, then you need to dictate the composition of your daily meal. To this end, i have some scintillating compilation that will assist you in planning your daily intake of food.

Oatmeal bread and cereal contains 200 calories in one and half ounces of oatmeal. This meal has a good and inexpensive protein. High in fiber; decent iron source and a good source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B

Bran bread and cereal: 105 of calories per cup of bran flakes or per bran muffin. This food has a complex carbohydrates and the best source of dietary fiber. High in potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and E. Beware of the bran cereal that contain much sugar and sodium. Check the label of the food you buy.

Brown rice contains 77 calories in half cup of rice. Brown rice is a good source of iron and magnesium 3 to 4 times the dietary fiber of white rice, 2 to 3 times the zinc and potassium, 5 times the vitamin E of refined rice.

Pasta is 190 calories per cup of cooked spaghetti, it is a good source of fiber, vitamin B and iron. Shredded wheat cereal has 90 calorie per biscuit while whole wheat bread has 65 calorie per slice. This contain superb complex carbohydrates and a good source of fiber. It also contain zinc, chromium and magnesium nutrients removed from white bread.

Artichokes contain 15 calories per 3 ounces, Alfalfa sprouts contain 27 calories per cup. Asparagus contains 30 calories per cup, Beans sprout contain 35 calories per cup, Belgian endive contain 10 calories per cup, Broccoli contain 40 calories per cup, Brussels sprout contain 55 calories per cup, cabbage contain 30 calories per cup, Carrot contain 50 calories per cup, Cauliflower contain 30 calories per cup, Chick peas contain 85 calories per 2 ounce. All this and many more vegetables and legume contain good sources of divers fiber and various nutrients.

Sweet potatoes contain 170 calorie per potato, Raw almond contain 6 calories per almond. Apples contain 80 calories per apple. Banana contain 100 calories per banana. Food is many, but space will not allow me. Plan well and see how effective less calorie intake will help you loose weight.

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Source by Lere P. Adiatu


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