WEIGHT LOSS BOOK: The Complete 7 Days WEIGHT LOSS Action Plan with HEALTHY Breakfast, LUNCH and Dinner Meal Option (Low Carb Diet, Paleo Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Sugar Free, Belly Fat, Weight Loss))

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Everyone who wants to lose weight has probably tried multiple diets, supplements and/or plans. There are hundreds of weight loss methods available to buy. All of them making wild promises.

Here is the hard truth – there are no magical pills, diets or exercise gadgets that will make weight instantly disappear. It comes down to eating right, staying healthy and burning more calories than you take in.

You’ll learn how to get the success mindset for exercise motivation, the tactics to give you more powerful results from Iron Mike, Body Builder, fitness trainer and Personal Coach combined with science-based nutrition guidance that anyone can follow.

Pick up your copy today and learn why Iron Mike’s Clients are saying things like:

“I am a medical professional and have read many books, research articles and theories on how to approach the human body and weight loss. This book is an intelligent and solid action plan for anyone get serious, interested in learning to see food, exercise and their body in a new way.”
I know most of us hate standing on the scales.It isn’t always a flattering number staring back at you.
When you are trying to lose weight though, it is different. You need to check your results so you
know if you are doing well.You don’t want to obsess over it though. I don’t think
you need to weigh yourself daily. I do think you should do it occasionally though. I suggest weekly, and for
the sake of consistency – the same time and day each week. Keep track of your progress as well, this is an
important step you might remember from the eBook.

Clearly, this is a simplistic view and a proper diet consists of taking more than calories into consideration……


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