Vitamin Water “More than just…” 30s (Mar 2012)

Square Box Cinetch productions
Featuring Farah Quinn, Olla Ramlan, Fahrani Empel.
Directed by Francis “FT” Tan; DOP Goh Meng Hing; Creative asst & 1st AD Steven Purba; Production Coord Ophie Rosvita, Wardrobe Evelyn Francisca. Offline by Eric Chooi.
Postpro Blu Post Asia – graded on Assimilate’s Scratch by Adi Supriadi, Online headed by Mervyn Lim supported by Aditya Pradana, Bayu, Jason Cauman, & Saiful. Graphics by Alexander Laguna.
Music by Boon @ Bumble Bee.
Shot with 3 Red Epic cameras. Juggling schedules of the celebrity talents was tough on the production team.

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