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At V Dog, we’re working to totally re-envision the dog food industry by providing dogs with healthy, plant based food options. Because vegan dogs are happy dogs!

Learn more at www.v-dog.com
Read our vegan dog starter guide: http://bit.ly/vdog_guide

Gamechanger plant based companies have created an entirely new industry and changed the way we look at food. With v-dog, we are bringing this revolution to the animals we love best. We work closely with experts and veterinarians to ensure that each v-dog kibble meal has all of the protein and nutrients your dog needs. And we have a great test team of doggie foodies to make sure that each bite tastes great.

Vegan dogs are not a fad. Years of evidence and scientific studies have shown that dogs can thrive on a complete and balanced plant based diet. We’ve been making great plant based dog food for over a decade now, and are so incredibly proud of how the movement has grown.

Our founder Dave started v-dog in order to provide a conscious alternative to the industrialized dog food industry that is such a significant source of environmental damage and animal suffering. He wanted to create a food that could help dogs AND save the lives of cows, pigs and chickens – animals we love and cherish just as much as our pets at home.

And we wouldn’t feed our dogs anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We list all of our ingredients on the back of every bag of kibble, and take great pride in our recipes. V-dog is made with whole foods, carefully selected for quality and taste. Filled with yummy ingredients like peas, lentils, oats and carrots. Quinoa. Potatoes. No soy and no meat.

This has the added benefit of making v-dog easy to digest. We love getting calls about picky dogs who tried just about everything before finding our kibble. All it took was a healthy
meal made with a little bit of love.

Plant based is here to stay. It’s in our refrigerators and in our dog bowls. And our dogs couldn’t
be happier. Visit our website to learn more on the science and nutrition behind the vegan dog
movement, and to download a free v-dog starter guide (http://bit.ly/vdog_guide)

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