Use Fiber to Fight Against Fat

If you are losing your battle with the bulge and you have tried every diet under the sun, it might be time to let fiber be your friend. Studies suggest that if you do not change anything in your diet except to eat more fiber you will lose four kilograms a year. The recommended daily dose of fiber is 25 grams which as a guide you can get from an avocado (13g) or 3/4 cup Kellogg's Sultana Bran (6.5).

You can get fiber from everyday products like bread and juices; where the manufacturer has added it in, but its best to get most of your fiber from natural sources. Supplemental fiber just does not have the same nutritional benefits. The two different types of fiber are soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is usually found as the bulk or middle of the food. Insoluble fiber is like a broom and is found on the outside of foods like husks and skins. Eating more fiber has been proven to reduce the risk of many terminal diseases. Foods that are rich in fiber tend to be rich in essential in nutrients.

Fibers job is to slow your digestion down so that your body has time to absorb all the nourishment, it also makes you feel full for longer and without transferring all the fat and calories that you would normally consume to get the same satisfied feeling.

Not only does fiber fill you up without the calories, it will also help to balance the high spike and crash that some high carbohydrate foods will cause.

If you're revved up and now you want to race full-steam ahead into a high fiber diet to get things moving. Be warned that a sudden increase in fiber will leave you feeling bloated and gassy so be careful and take it slowly to let your body adjust and you will not compromise your uptake on nutrients.

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Source by Janet Shilling


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