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#1 Muscle Building Food: Eggs 1:49
#2 Muscle Building Food: Brown Rice 2:16
#3 Muscle Building Food: Salmon 3:01
#4 Muscle Building Food: Oats 3:24
#5 Muscle Building Food: Nuts 3:49

Many people when they have a goal of building muscle don’t really come at it from the right angle. They try to hit the gym as hard as they can week after week and are surprised when their hard work doesn’t pay off. The problem with this approach is that nutrition is many times completely ignored or viewed as something that isn’t as important as exercise for building muscle. Or viewed like its just going to fall into place.

The reality is that nutrition is just as important if not more important than exercise. Your body does not want to add on a ton of muscle mass. In fact it’s naturally resistant to adding muscle mass and that goes for everybody not just skinny hardgainers. The reason is because muscle costs a lot of calories to upkeep. And your body for survival reasons wants to avoid increases in its demands for energy just like you want to avoid increases in taxes or car payments. The only way that we are able to create a suitable for muscle growth is to show the body, he body its okay, I got your back, you’re going to be getting all of these extra high quality energy sources through my diet, so don’t worry about using a little extra energy to put on some muscle mass.

Just like when you get a raise at work your able to buy more things, when you give your body a raise in nutrients it’s able to buy more muscle mass. I think I made it clear that we want a calories surplus when trying to build muscle, but that doesn’t mean we can pig out on ice cream all day and get yolked. So I’m going to give you my top 5 favorite muscle building foods that I pack into my diet whenever I’m trying to gain muscle.

1. Eggs. For generations eggs have been considered one of the greatest protein sources for building muscle. The reason goes deeper than the fact that you get 6 grams of protein per egg. Eggs rank high on the bio-availability index. Bio-availability is basically the percentage of just how much our bodies can make use of certain protein sources. Our bodies absorb certain protein sources better than others and eggs rank higher than almost any other source of protein. When trying to put muscle mass on you can feel safe eating whole eggs rather than just the egg white. The cholesterol in food has been shown to not necessarily raise our blood cholesterol levels.

2. Brown Rice. Ever since I started eating brown rice I I realized that something about it made it an absolute necessity in a bodybuilders diet. Not only does it give you amazing whole grain carbs that’ll provide energy for heavier lifts which in turn leads to greater muscle mass, but it has the highest bioavailability of protein than any other plant based source. It has almost double the bioavailability of beans and even beats soy. Rice alone does not have a complete amino acid profile so make sure you add some beans or chicken to make this a complete protein source.

3. Salmon. Salmon is high in fat, omega 3 fatty acids, creatine, and is packed with high quality protein. It’s a great meal to eat for dinner or before bed because it’ll help you stay anabolic, which means in a muscle building mode while you sleep.

4. Oats. Oats have a very high amount of protein for the amount of carbohydrate that they have when compared to other grains. They’re also easy to make if you get instant oats, or if you through them into a blender with some protein powder. Oats are another great source of carbs that will give your body great energy for your lifts.

5. Nuts. To put on muscle you need to eat food that is dense in calories. And nuts helps you do just this while still getting an excellent source of protein. I wouldn’t overdo it with the peanuts as there are a lot better options. Go with Cashews, Almonds, or best of all walnuts.

Keep in mind that just by eating all 5 of these foods you’re not going to be guaranteed to gain muscle. You have to maintain a calorie surplus not just eat certain foods. If you eat a surplus of these foods, however you should see improvements in your muscle size.

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