The Tarahumara Tribe of Ultra Marathon Runners eat a 96% Vegetarian Diet – Not-Paleo, Not LowCarb

The Top Elite Tarahumara Marathon Athletes eat a plant-based (almost entirely vegan) diet to run ultra Marathons. See the amazing feats of Endurance! These native athletes can run 16-times the distance of a Marathon. How do they do it? What is the best diet for a Marathon? Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Lowcarb, High Protein? The Tarahumara Tribe of Indians in Copper Canyon Mexico, like the Kenyan Kalenjin and Ethiopian athletes who break all human distance endurance records follow a plant-based diet. 96% Vegetarian, 94% Vegan. (The difference between Vegetarian and Vegan is milk and dairy products). Barely any meat is eaten. Below 2 %. Quote: “meat consumption was rare.”-Tarahumara Elite Athlete Runners Study. “Maize was their main staple.” Note: Maize is corn. Corn is a grain. So the top athletes with the best health eat over 71% of their diet in the form of Grain. Beans make up the next 20%. So already, 90% of these amazing ultra-marathon distance runners is solely plants. 75% Carbs. A 75% carbohydrate based high-carb diet. Next comes Vegetables, Squash, Chili peppers, and greens. Central American diet. Mexican Food. Extremely minuscule amounts of meat are eaten rarely. Less than 1% eggs and dairy (vegetarian).

Top Marathon Runners – Elite Endurance Athletes
96% Vegetarian
94% Vegan
Plant-based diet
71% of diet is composed of Grains

75% Carbohydrates
12% Protein
13% Fat

– High Carb
– Low Fat
– Low Protein

( HC-LF-LP )

CFP: ~75-10-15 diet.

In a previous video, researchers detected a discredited interview subject identified as “Daniel E. Lieberman” a Debunked professor of human biology erroneously claiming the tribe runs hundreds of miles to “hunt animals by tiring them out”. This has been found to be False. The Tarahumara do not run down animals. This individual was found using conflation to confuse this with a different tribe (meat-diet), on a completely different continent, Africa (Maasai), who can’t run as far (fewer miles before fatigue & exhaustion), and have one of the shortest lifespans on the planet (death at average of 42 yrs old). As stated, the Tarahumara run for sport, to communicate messages from one village to another across the great distances along copper canyon, to deliver mail, and run as part of their culture and as a challenge.— The Tarahumara tribe of elite runners & SuperAthletes reside in Mexico (Copper Canyon), not Africa, and follow a 96% Vegetarian 94% Vegan Plant-Based Diet consisting mainly of 71% Grain (Corn), Chilis, Greens, Squash, Vegetables, and Beans (Legumes), and have one of the healthiest anti-atherogenic athletic diets on earth.- American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The Kenyan kalenjin tribe of marathon winners and the elite Ethiopian distance running world champions also follow a similar virtually all plant-based-diet, nearly completely vegetarian, with rare cases or barely any meat ingested. It has resulted in findings of some of the most medically fit top athletes on earth who own many of the gold medals, olympic wins, and world championship titles in running history and are some of the top athletes in the world. Kenyan Elite Runners: 96% to 99% vegetarian diet. Ethiopian World Class runners: 95% Vegetarian diet. The Kenyan world class marathon runners are eating mainly a plant-based diet Quote: “with meat..comprising only about 1% of total energy intake”-Kenyan Runners Study. (Kenyan runners diet: 1% meat, 99% vegetarian.)

The Tarahumara regularly run distances not just of a marathon (26.2 miles), but beyond the distances of an ultra-marathon (Western States 100 miles), and they often run distances of up to 200+ miles, and at the highest, up to 435 miles (in at time of less than 48 hours! This is like running a marathon, and then immediately running another marathon, and then after finishing that, continuing to run another marathon, up to 16 times in a row.

Verified Source (Tarahumara): Peer-Reviewed Scientific and Medical Sports Nutrition Journal:
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 32, April pp. 905-915, 79 .
“Food and Nutrient Intakes of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico”
Maria T. Cerqueira, M.S. R.D. Martha McMurry Fry, M.S. R.D. and William E. Connor, M.D.
(All authors with Masters, Scientific, Certified, Registered Dietetic and Medical degrees)

In addition, the diet of the Tarahumara has been found to result in findings by experts that the tribe members have some of the lowest rates of heart-disease, best health and fitness in the world. The best diet overally is an ANTI-PALEO diet. Look at what Paleos recommend and do the opposite. If paleo says to eat meat, then

Scientific findings confirm that the best diet for running a Marathon is a vegan diet. The best runners in the world eat a plant-based diet.

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