The Really, Really Good Leg Workout – Ep26 – Brides Made Fit

So, after showing you The Really, Really Good Arm Workout two months ago, I figured that you’d want to administer the same amount of awesome-ness to other muscle groups, right? So, I’m making it a series and continuing with this week’s podcast devoted to legs.

For most of us, our legs are what we depend on to get us around most of the day (unless you have a really helpful assistant willing to carry you to wherever you need to go. We can dream…) That said, I still can’t quite understand why people — guys and girls — feel the need to forget about strength-training them! Sure, you say that you run or rock-climb or walk three miles a day. But the only way to keep your legs injury-proof, strong, and toned is to condition the specific muscles that all work together that allow you to do your running, rock-climbing, and walking.

In this week’s Brides Made Fit podcast, I show you three compound leg movements that are sure to deliver the results you want (as long as you also keep up with your cardio and lay off the junk food — I always have to say it!) These movements are great for beginners all the way to the advanced.

The plie squat to calf raise activates the hamstrings, quadriceps, hips, glutes, and calves. Isolating the glutes and quadriceps to the point where you feel the burn is the alternating reverse lunge to squat. Pliometrics (jumping) is another unique way to challenge the muscles, and I show you through jump squats. All of these movements can be made more challenging by adding dumbbells or barbells.

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