The Paleo Recipe Cookbook: 101 All Natural Gluten-Free Meals and Desserts (The Paleo Recipe Cookbooks)

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Are you following a grain-free diet and missing a lot of your favorite dishes? Running out of ideas for what to make? From breakfast to lunch, dinner and dessert, The Paleo Recipe Cookbook features 101 simple and tasty meals free from grains, gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar.

Indulge in paleo-inspired recipes such as comforting pancakes and waffles, delicious smoothies, creamy soups, savory meats and seafood, seasonal fruits, nutrient-rich vegetables and satisfying desserts. Many meals include five ingredients or less, so you can enjoy eating without much fuss, even when you only have a few minutes.

Sample recipes:

* Zucchini Pancakes
* Kiwi Lime Coconut Smoothie
* Pumpkin Waffles
* Pecan Bread & Banana Toast
* Paleo Scones
* Blueberry Walnut Paleo Muffins
* Fish Cakes with Aioli
* Hearty Tuna Salad
* Paleo Shrimp Scampi
* Hot Grilled Tuna
* Cauliflower Cream Soup
* Cabbage Taquito Rolls
* Beef Carne Asada
* Grilled Chicken with Oregano
* Beef & Carrot Bake
* Lemon Thyme Chicken
* Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms
* Vegetarian Meatloaf
* Paleo Stuffed Turkey
* Grilled Duck Breast
* Portobello Steaks with Onion & Broccoli
* Stuffed Chicken Fillet
* Grilled Tilapia with Plum Chutney
* Stuffed Bell Pepper with Tomato Sauce
* Baked Endive & Pork Loin
* Lean Curried Meat Balls
* Shrimp & Apple Salad
* Creamy Coconut Milk Shrimp
* Raspberry Almond Muffins
* Fig & Carrot Salad
* Coconut Ice
* Cinnamon Baked Apples


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