The Ketogenic Diet: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet and Weight Loss System: Avoid the Ketogenic Diet Mistakes! (Cookbook – Recipes for Weight Loss – High-Fat Paleo Meals)

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Struggle to Find Time to Make Great Food?

*** If you’re seeking a healthier way to eat that will help heal your body of damage done by years of eating tons of sugar and carbs, the Ketogenic Diet may be for you ***

This Ketogenic system has been devised scientifically to be a life-changing system!
If you are looking for a magical pill that will make you lose all your extra weight overnight with no effort from you at all, then this is not the book for you.

You will learn:

– how to convert your body’s primary energy source from carbs to fat
– how to lose weight easily, gain a lot more energy
– how to improve body tone and composition and get a new lease on life

You will also find out:

– The Real Reason That You Are Fat
– Why the Ketogenic System Works
– What You Should Never Do on a Ketogenic Plan
– What You Can Eat and Get Ready for Ketosis

I will also give You:

– 5 Breakfast Recipes
– 5 Lunch Recipes
– 4 Dinner Recipes

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