The Johnsons

The Johnsons happily describe themselves as an alternative family. They enjoy a quiet lifestyle in the Cotswolds, having moved from London where Alex still works part-time as an osteopath. They also practice naturopathy – a different way of thinking about maintaining good health through simple but effective changes to their lifestyle. Jasmine practices yoga and meditation as a way of relaxing the body and the mind. Things such as getting enough sleep, sunlight and fresh air are important, as well as eating and drinking as purely as possible – raw, organic, vegan food as well as fresh, unfiltered water. As well as having health benefits, they believe strongly in ahimsa, a term that describes non-violence. They interpret this not just in the typical vegan sense of not abusing animals for their produce, but also that we should not be violent to our own bodies by feeding them unnatural chemicals or processed foods. These principals are key to their everyday lives and influence everything they do.

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