The Amazing Healing Powers of Organic, Premium Bone Marrow Broth! Vitamins, Minerals, Lipids, Essential Fatty Acids…

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Bone marrow broth is an incredibly rejuvenating hot beverage. Real bone broth such as Au Bon Broth will include marrow bones as well, as they help round out the nutrition profile of your broth. Red marrow bones are where much of the red blood cells, and even some stem cells, are produced. It also adds a wonderful richness and depth to the flavor.

Bone marrow contains an array of vitamins, minerals, lipids and essential fatty acids that the body needs. It also contains conjugated linoleic acid, which has been shown to have cancer inhibiting properties. Bone marrow broth also contains zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous, manganese, and other mineral-Laden chemicals from the marrow, along with Vitamin A. As you can see, this is an incredibly nutritious food that does wonders for your body.

Beef bones, and especially grassfed organic beef femur bones, are a great source of marrow. If you’re going to get bones to make your own bone broth with lots of marrow nutrients in it, your best bet is organic and grass fed, if you can find that combination. Of the two, grass fed is probably more important. The reason for this is simply because it’s so hard to get certified as organic for grass fed cows, even though, in essence, it is likely a completely organic product. You should do your own homework on which farms have which practices in raising their livestock.

You’ll want to get bones that are pre-cut to expose all of the marrow, or have your butcher cut the bones when you buy them. This exposes the marrow to the water so that the vital elements leach out easier. Plus, all of those cuts is a lot more surface area in general, and both marrow and bone will get more leached from them this way. So heat some up and enjoy your bone marrow broth! It’s as good for you as it feels; calming, comforting, healthy and satisfying.

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