The #1 Best and Most Brilliant Way to Make Your Healthy Eating Dreams Come True

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Healthy Meal Planning

If you missed the first video in this series, check it out here:

Here are the handouts for the mini-workshop in this video:

In this video discover: 1) Who’s to blame for your healthy eating struggles? 2) Can healthy eating really be easier than you think? And 3) What’s the best and most brilliant way to replace struggle with success at mealtimes?

Plus join me as we workshop: 1) Getting clear about your healthy eating dreams with the handout, “Become a Winner in the Healthy Meal Making Game;” and 2) Seeing how to “narrow the universe” and break through writer’s block with this handout, “12+ Pathways to Meal Planning Inspiration.”

Finally, get two new recipes and see how “system cooking” can open the door to all sorts of easy, fun and healthy ideas for your meals.

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