Paleo Dinner Recipes – The Paleo Diet

Paleo Dinner Recipes – The Paleo Diet (Paleo Recipe Book Reviews)
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You see, it’s easy to get into a rut and start eating the same thing
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This is especially true with the Paleo Diet easily the hottest d-i-e-t in
the world right now because it limits nearly all processed and many
restaurant foods.
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I’m good friends with the guys who run that Paleo community and helped
put this book together assure you, they’re the real deal and this book
truly delivers.

In fact, let me share a delicious recipe we had recently and found in
the book.

Some could literally eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously.
It’s that good.

Here it is:

Marinara Chili

1 Tablespoon raw, certified organic, extra virgin coconut oil
2 Pounds ground beef or other ground meat of choice
1 Organic onion, chopped
2-3 cloves organic garlic
1 jar of organic Marinara sauce or make it yourself
Diced organic tomatoes
2.5 teaspoons organic cumin
2-3 teaspoons organic chili powder
1-2 teaspoons organic thyme leaves
2 teaspoons Celtic sea salt
A couple of Serrano peppers or jalapenos, or Anaheim peppers
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1. Sauté onions & garlic until they are browned

2. Add the meat, chili powder, thyme, and cumin

3. Stir mixture in pan or pot

4. Pour in marinara sauce, add tomatoes, peppers, and salt. Mix.

5. Simmer for at least an hour

This chili is delicious – some tips:

1. I like adding in more salt, I’ve found the saltier it is the better it
tastes. But that’s just me.

2. I like putting the Serrano peppers in a food processor to almost
puree them, and then mix them in. Tastes amazing.

3. We use Marinara sauce instead of salsa – we were experimenting
one day and it was amazing. Haven’t gone back.

If you ever want to impress someone with your cooking – this is the
recipe to use.

Don’t like Chili? Or just want more ideas?

I’ve got just the thing.

Want 120+ mouth-watering Paleo recipes? Click here.

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