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Vitamin Water Ad

Based on a MoFilm contest brief where we had to make a 30, 45, or 60 second ad for a product of our choice. It’s all done in after effects with photos we took and a little bit of stop motion.

Sound by Bryan Atarama

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Vitamin Water 10

Client: Vitamin Water 10
Agency: Berlin Cameron
Director: Panoptic
Sound Design: Antfood

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Activate – “Stop Vitamin Cruelty PSA: :30

Mixer: Fernando Ascani
Audio Post: Headroom
Producer: Nikki Castillo
Creative: 1st AveMachine
Music: The End NYC


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Hydro One Premium Beverages

Hydro One product’s are all super low calorie and are made with FDA approved ingredients with healthy sweeteners (xylitol, stevia, agave nectar, and evaporated cane juice) and are dietetic, diabetic and dental friendly. These beverages are hot filled with reverse osmosis water which provides elimination of undesired and toxic tiny elements.

Two scientists, one experiment and a coffee break is how Hydro One Beverages began. It started with a conversation between experiments. Both scientists began to question why beverages containing little to no sugar that actually taste good were hardly in existence. Why hadn’t someone developed unique beverages that provide the nutrition and support for the essential dietary needs of individuals? Drinks geared to meet unique needs like supporting a healthy heart, healthy joints, and even helping to support the management of diabetes and obesity. Needless to say, it ended up being a long day in the lab, but from that conversation a company was born.

We are promoting and suggesting that all school systems change to a healthier choice for the students with our very tasty and healthy beverages. Hydro One Premium offers the following lines: REV D, BÖDE SPORT, BÖDE HEALTH and TRÜE GREEN TEA’S. Drink for your Health!

You can view our website at

Inquiries may be sent to

Drink Hydro One Premium Beverages, the healthier alternative.

Our Rev D line has only 5 calories per serving with no sugar, no caffeine, no sodium, and no carbs and sweetened with Xylitol which aids in the fight against tooth decay. Rev D products have the dietary Exchange List for Meals Planning Copyright 2007 by American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association. They have Cinnulin PF in them which help insulin absorb into the system for diabetics. They will also help suppress an over active appetite and help in the aid to lower blood pressure. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. Drink 2-4 bottles a day for optimal results.

There are a lot of unhealthy alternatives to boost energy in beverages on the market that have negative effects on the body. We offer a healthier choice with our BÖDE SPORT Beverages with 4 grams of protein that will provide the electrolytes and give you the boost you need after a workout. We also offer two Sport beverages with electrolytes for before a workout. Our BÖDE Sport beverages are the first all natural sports beverages made in the country without preservatives and are lower in sodium and higher in potassium with no after taste. When you drink BÖDE Sport you can feel the electrolytes working and you feel the energy from the added protein.

Our BÖDE Memory Beverage has Gingko Biloba which aids in focus and memory retention but also has D Ribose which helps tone muscle. This makes it an excellent choice for students also.

Our BÖDE Joint beverages has 1500 mg of glucosamine and 1200 mg of chondroitin sulfate with 4 anti-oxidants and is excellent for athletes to help protect the joints as well as people with arthritis.

Our BÖDE Heart Health as well as our TRÜE Green Teas in sugar free and regular, have plant sterols which help lower blood cholesterol. Based on FDA claim on plant sterols, these products will help by decreasing the risk of cardiovascular and heart diseases by 50% if the right amount be taken. They all three, BÖDE Heart Health, TRÜE Green Tea in Sugar Free and Regular carry the registered Heart Choice seal from the Cognis group. Our Sugar Free Green tea is sweetened with stevia which is known for its aid in reversal of diabetes.

Our BÖDE women’s health provides daily nutrients such as folic acid, iron, fiber and calcium and are great for expectant mom’s and it is flavored with Ginger Lime to help settle the stomach. The ingredients are also good for providing the nutrients for repairing muscle and bone or damaged spines. They provide all the nutrients for a developing fetus.

With the high cost of medical care, we need to look after our children and our own bodies and make the wiser choice! Drink Hydro One Premium Beverages!

We are found in Whole Foods Markets, Piggly Wiggly’s, Fresh Markets, Natural Food Warehouses, Earth Fare’s, and many more and you can view our other store locations on our website. If we are not in your area store, please make a request to the store manager to add us to their vendor list to supply.

If we are not in your area, you can currently purchase our products through and if you order 3 cases, you will get it freight free in the US.

We are partnered with JDRF, Amy and Phil Parham’s Anytime Fitness, Globalbike, JDRF, Sustainable Midlands, Sky Dive Carolina, Charleston International Soccer Cup, Southeast Premier Soccer Academy, and the list is growing.

We offer fundraising options for local schools and clubs. Please contact us for information. We are based out of Greenwood SC.

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The challenges of everyday life strip us down. Not only the clothes, but also the vitamins and minerals our body needs for its successful existence.
 Stripped and naked, our couple sits in disharmony, back-to-back to each other. Each one alone with their own problems, surrounded by daily stress and fatigue.
Only the sip of Magnesia evokes the life, the movement of bodies, releasing a stream of typography waving with their mood, changing from dissatisfaction to well being. 
Explosive and immediate energy shot boosts their vitality marking not just the purity, but also the best water quality from Karlovy Vary.
As they run towards each another, the airy typography is swirled by their embrace and carried away by the energetic source of magnesia water and the modern soundtrack in the perfect harmony.

CREDITS: client: Mattoni; senior brand manager: Radka Soukupova; marketing: Ondrej Postranski; agency: Arnold Worldwide; creative director: Antonio Pinter; production company: Cows and Boys; executive producer: Stefano Patrizi; Producer: Antonella Capella and Carlo Giudice; director: Matthias Zentner; DOP: Torsten Lippstock; Underwater DOP: Sascha Mieke; Underwater photography: Matthias Zentner; production: velvet Mediendesign GmbH; producer: Oliver Loessl; service production company: Abisstudio, Rumania; service producer: Gabi Antal; post: velvet Mediendesign GmbH; post producer: Oliver Loessl; design and graphic animation: Thomas Wernbacher and Daniel Schmidt; editor: Jochen Kraus; flame lead artist: Sylvia Roessler and Sascha Schmidt; 3D: Ignyte; nuke artist: Urs Franzen; color correction: Florian Wolf; music production: Trafalgar13 Music House; Toni Mir; original score: Andy Quinn Awakening

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VROU – The Multivitamin Drink for Women

VROU is a women’s health and wellness brand that wants to change the way women take vitamins. Our premier product is a simple, yet effective way to get multivitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes to support active women on the go.

By impacting the landscape of women’s health through innovative products and non-profit partnerships, we want to empower women to unleash wellness in themselves and in their communities.

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There are Water Rivers, that flow, flying high above our heads, of Magnitude we shall never grasp. They are the Thermometers of our earthly conduct and as we perceive, things have been going horribly wrong for decades. If we don’t act now, we and all that will come after us, may never see such pristine beauty ever again. As meteorology evolves and though we are still very far from getting the whole picture, some of us begin to express concern. What can be done? From Rio to Durban, nothing has really changed. Kyoto is still but a town in Japan. Stuck in waste promoting habits we plunder and steal like there was no tomorrow. There is only one way, that may promote a visible tendency reversal! ZeroWasteTolerance! Revising our eating habits drastically, producing less waste and promoting a relieve on Nature, that will have to feed 9 billion in only 40 years from now. Turning to vegetal protein as the main source of our Diet is a must. 92% of our domestic daily water use is hidden. It is not the visible part of water we see coming out of our taps, that is the main cause of the greatest resource robbery of all times. It is the water we eat ! A 500 gram boneless chunk of beef on our plate has used up around 8000 litres of water. 50% of all our grain production is destined to feed cattle. Enormous amounts of extremely harmful herbicides are used on genetically modified corn and soja throughout the Americas and Asias. The water we eat is a very poisoned one! Glyfosate, the main ingredient in Monsantos well known “RoundUp” top seller herbicide is being found in the bloodstream of most Europeans in alarming quantities, far exceeding the health norms established by ALL health organisations worldwide. And Europe does not allow genetically modified seeds for agricultural use! Brasil slaughters two hundert million heads of cattle each year. Brasil has two hundert million inhabitants. Quite an interesting comparison one can say! Spend your money wisely, so your children may eat clean water in the future, and not suffer from autism, Parkinson, cell damage, cancer of all types and above all………………From Thirst…………………………………

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the art of making bread

song: “oil thumbprints” – bexar bexar

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