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My Nutrition Official Trailer – iPhone App Grand Launch

My Nutrition – Live Healthy
My Nutrition was created in order to make eating healthy easier. Rather than relying on calorie counters, food indexes, and other health and nutrition apps, My Nutrition allows you to do everything in one easy to use application. With 8000+ indexed foods directly from the USDA, My Nutrition is the most complete, most comprehensive Nutritional app on the market. Best of all, it’s designed with your health in mind!

Codekia’s motto: Healthy Food, Healthy Life.

No other app, counter, or dietary planner in the WORLD provides this all-in-one health nutrition experience designed specifically to help users take control of their diet.

∎ ∎ ∎ My Nutrition Features:∎ ∎ ∎

Search our database of over 8000 foods by food name or food group. All indexed food is directly from the USDA.

Foods can be saved to your Favorites, as well as your Avoids, so you do not have to search them again. Whenever you want to check the nutrient facts for these foods, they’re just one click away.

Dairy & EGG, Spices & Herbs, Baby Foods, Fats & Oils, etc… My Nutrition has a full selection of Food Categories allowing for easy search and saving.

Crafted by world class artists, the My Nutrition user interface was designed with the user in mind. Intuitive side menu, appealing style and color, and a HUGE food database all have your satisfaction in mind.

Improve your My Nutrition experience even more with these great in-app purchases.

Need more vitamin B12 in your diet? Or maybe vitamin D? The search by nutrients function in My Nutrition is a great way to pick out the right food for the right diet. Simply select the nutrients tab in the search menu, and find all the food that is high, or low, in your desired nutrient.

With this feature, My Nutrition will keep a record of what you have eaten today for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. What makes this feature great is its ability to calculate the total nutrients straight from your daily food intake. This helps you take control of you daily nutrient intake.

Create recipes according to your own dietary requirements, My Nutrition will calculate the total nutrients for each recipe to help you understand and manage your nutritional intake from it.

Calculate calories burned and Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for key nutrients for you and your family members. This is very important for your daily meal plan, your recipes, and your diet management as it helps you take control and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our expansive 8000+ food database was constructed using information straight from the USDA.
We strive for quality and accuracy when it comes to nutritional health.
Thank you, please enjoy the app!

Available to download on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-nutrition/id639516908

Landing page: http://mynutrition.codekia.com/

Please Visit www.codekia.com for more health and nutritional information on the My Nutrition app.

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