Benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet shown in the blood

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Kim Ulvberget

Switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet will do many changes to your body.

In the blood picture you see black parts of plaque, this is mainly leftovers from animal protein that the body cant use.
It has to be filtered out of the blood to not clog the arteries.
This will stress your blood filtering organs such as the liver and kidneys and also your immune system.
Plaque that is left in the blood will also start fermenting and breaking down. Creating fungus that again will make the environment around it more acidic.

In the following clip you will see the immune system picking up white balls of fungus.
Meat and diary products are essentially “dead” and they contain higher acidic levels than living and growing plants.
A high intake of meat and diary will challenge the body’s auto ph balance. The body naturally balances the acidic and alkaline balance by using minerals and hydrogen ions. This balance can get disrupted and your blood becomes slightly more acidic. This again can cause a huge amount of health problems.
Cutting out or down on animal products will help tremendously in maintaining a healthy balance.
Meat and diary also contains lots of heavy metals and chemicals. Many animals are fed antibiotics and other medicine to make sure they grow up faster and bigger. They also get chemicals through the food they eat. A substantial amount of this is still present in the meat and milk that we consume. In addition to this many other chemicals are added to the products to make them last longer, look fresher and taste better.
Cutting down on meat and diary and adopting to a vegetarian or vegan diet will give your organs and cells a lot less stress and will help build a stronger immune system.
The ph balance will be stable and the cell communication will be strong.
A common misunderstanding is that a vegetarian or vegan diet doesn’t contain enough protein, iron and other nutrients. This is not true. Plant based food is rich in protein, iron and other nutrients with a better uptake quality in the body.

Contact us for more information about the ph balance and what we see in the blood when adopting to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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Your Health: Red Blood Cells

Every drop of blood contains millions of red blood cells. Each one has a job to transport fresh oxygen around the body and organs, and to bring carbon dioxide back for extraction through the lungs.

A red blood cell has a life span of about 120 days, in that time it will endure many challenges. Cells that break apart, get infected by parasites or behave in an unusual way which usually results in them being attacked by white blood cells to be eliminated.
The immune system does this to protect your body from disease. Any left over trash will be filtered out through organs such as the liver.
Red blood cells get their names from their content of hemoglobin, which is a high iron containing protein. Iron and oxygen react together to create the red color.
A blood rich in oxygen will have a light red color, smaller amount of oxygen will create a darker red color. People who smoke a lot will often have darker blood because of the damage to the lungs.
The cells in your body work in an alkaline environment. This means it’s not acidic.

The video you see is from healthy alkaline blood. It has lots of healthy blood cells floating around without sticking together. In the next clip you will see what it can look like when your blood is slightly acidic.
Red blood cells in a more acidic environment will not look as good. Many of the cells are damaged and there are white spots of fungus around the blood.
These cells are not able to transport as much oxygen and carbon dioxide as they should, and they will not live to see 120 days.
To help your blood stay healthy we recommend a cell communication supplement with redox signals.
A lifestyle full of joy and and adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet is always the best way to go.

Contact us to learn more about redox signals and how to know if you have healthy or unhealthy blood.
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