Health Benefits of Vegetable Juice Majid Ali MD

Organic vegetable juice is the ideal source of minerals, fiber, and many vitamins. I recommend it as part of Dr. Ali’s Breakfast four or five times a day.

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Body by Bananas

Marco Borges shares with us great banana recipes and workout tips.

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That’s Vegetarian-Creamy Polenta

For the recipe and more information go to Learn how to make a deliciously satisfying vegetarian meal using polenta (corn meal), fennel, leeks, onions, and mushrooms. Prepare the dish and it will leave you saying “That’s Vegetarian!”

Hosted by Karen Bukolt
Produced by Karen Bukolt and Mike Quick
Production facilitated by Quick ONE Media,

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fresh gardens salad recipe.

Producción y Montaje por Tessa Dóniga.
Diseño de Sonidos por Christian Del Moral

Receta de la ensalada casera “fresh gardens” con:
-1/2 de aguacate.
-Variado de lechuga.
-1/4 de cebolla roja.
-5 tomates cherry.
-Queso Mozzarella.
-Queso Parmesano.
-Puñado de Pistachos.
-Aceitunas negras.
-Pimienta, Sal y Oregano y aceite de Oliva.


Tomé como referencia una pista de audio de (que luego omitiríamos) y fui montando las tomas de video con una pauta de tiempo sobre la muestra de audio.
Una vez montado, diseñé con photoshop la tipografía para los encabezados, título y creditos y añadí en premiere a cada toma.
Corregí el color con Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 y exporté para añadir el sonido final.
Al tener el video montado con las tomas ajustadas con la muestra de audio de freesound, diseñamos a nuestro antojo sonidos y música desde 0 para crear un color y un entorno más adecuado con el video final.

/// canon 550D+adobe premiere & photoshop cs5+ableton live 8.2 ///

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Juicing: weight loss superstar

Juicing is my favourite method to flood the body with the nutrition it craves for. When we are fed correctly our bodies will be satisfied and weight, energy and vitality reaches a natural balance. Eating correctly does not just mean, filling up the stomach, its giving the chemistry that the most sophisticated and complex system on this planet (you) needs to properly function. Juicing is a method that accelerates healing because you simply get more of the good stuff in the best form – raw and natural. (sorry about the sound quality)
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Its easy to do, quick and simple to clean too!

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Vegan Lasagna

The people have spoken! Here’s my recipe for true veggie-lover’s lasagna.

Music by Josh Woodward


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Video & Recipe 009 – Vegetarian Bibimbap

Recipe by Sangdad, cookbook publishing in Thailand
Video by Spoonful Production

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