Vegan Festival

Veganism always scared me… After going to the Vegan Festival, I just might consider it!!
Check out this fun video on my experience at the Vegan Fair!

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Raw Vegan Lavender-Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

This is a super yummy Raw Vegan Lavender-Vainlla “Ice-Cream” Recipe. Enjoy!

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Vegan Mango Berry Nice Cream Recipe

raw vegan ice cream – 3 ingredients, without the banana. this mango, raspberry and blueberry soft serve ice cream is actually one of the yummiest things i’ve eaten all month. and what’s not to like about a dessert so healthy you can have it for lunch (which i totally did) !

for full recipe :

RECIPE : mango berry nice cream (banana-less)

love // jenny

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Sydney Vegan Expo

Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, sends his greetings to participants at the 2011 Sydney Vegan Expo.

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Vegan + Gluten Free Healthy School Lunch | Pad Thai Sandwich

Rebecca Brand makes this delicious healthy lunch! Click Get $60 of FREE organic grocery credits + Free Shipping! (Free 30 Day Trial included). (Offer works…


Essena O’Neill | What I Eat In A Day (1) | VEGAN & HEALTHY

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Remember I’m not a nutritionist or dietician! Give this a ‘like’ for more of these, thinking weekly? Just some easy and lazy cooking today hehe! Let me know if you try any of these

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→ Surfaces – “Heaven Falls/Fall On me”

[February 08, 2015]

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End Animal Slaughter this year. These are not necessarily the most nutritious vegan items, but they are convenient and cruelty free.

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MK OF Meio Sustento – Handmade Vegan Baking

A equipa Origamind apresenta o making of da receita da Meio Sustento, os momentos off-the-record e mais divertidos das gravações, que foram feitas no Porto.
Meio Sustento é “um projecto de exploração da culinária vegan que se materializa em produtos que em pequenas porções podem constituir uma alternativa sustentável às habituais ofertas do mercado.”

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Are Tattoos Vegan?

In this video we talk with Gristle Tattoo owner Dina about running her own vegan small business in Brooklyn, NY. If you’re wondering why a tattoo isn’t normally vegan then tune in to hear how Dina’s changing things up in the industry while bringing together a team of talented artists dedicated to high quality custom work.
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Yu-Chi “I Hate You”
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This world is ours! One vegan day a week for you and me!

“We are no food, we all have children. We can show you a way for healthy living.
There is no need for eating meat. So let´s save both our lives with one day a week.
Just one vegan day a week for you and me…” sings the chorus of cute animals in our animated video.
We did this video for Vega Vita by order of Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann to build awareness for the initiative to have one vegan day a week. More on

Concept & Illustrations: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
Music & Sounddesign: Soundfiler

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