Innovative Exploration: Global Health

Innovative Exploration: Global Health :30 featuring NG Explorer Albert Lin.
Samsung & National Geographic Channel showcase Emerging Explorer Albert Lin in a futuristic look at the power of a global network & connectivity.

Produced by The National Geographic Channel & Evolve Digital Cinema | IMG.

Learn more about Explorer Albert Lin & his work:

Co-Produced by Executive Producer Allison Mitchell & Producer Jason Letchko of the National Geographic Channel
Produced, Filmed & Edited by Evolve
GFX / Design: Evolve
Sound Design / Mix: Radium Audio Ltd

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Production Team:
Executive Producer: Allison Mitchell – National Geographic Channel
Producer: Jason Letchko – National Geographic Channel
Directors / Directors of Photography: Joel & Jesse Edwards – Evolve
Produced by Elizabeth Ai. AP: Amy Griego
Camera / Lighting Dept: Mike Bove, Ben Wong
**Many thanks to our local crew and support team!

Post Production Team:
Executive Producer: Allison Mitchell
Producer / Writer: Jason Letchko
Art Director: Brian Everett
Editorial / Colorists: Joel & Jesse Edwards, Assistant Editor: Lauren Pecson
Design / Visual Effects / AE: Joel Edwards, Ryan Trommer, Ninos Houma
Sound Design / Mix – Radium Audio LTD

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Florida Hospital “Someday Starts Today – Women’s Health”

For Florida Hospital we shot and designed a five spot campaign, mixing cinematic visuals and holographic CG to imagine an inspiring future of healthcare.


Client: Florida Hospital
Agency: BPD
Directed by: Aggressive
Production & VFX: Aggressive
Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Producer: Robert Berman
DP: Eli Born
Editor: Erik Auli
Production Designer: Geoff Flint
Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Design: Alex Mikhaylov, Denis Khramov
3d Animation: Dmitry Kulikov, Artur Zhamaletdinov, Dmitriy Paukov, Evgeniya Zhukova
2d Animation: Alex Frukta, Vladimir Tomin
Rendering: Dmitry Kulikov, Artur Zhamaletdinov
Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov, Dmitry Kulikov, Artur Zhamaletdinov, Roman Senko
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall
Color Grade: Alex Bickel
Sound Design: Wesley Slover

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Wearable technology will “transform the doctor-patient relationship”

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Wearable technology will revolutionise healthcare for doctors and patients alike, says the director of design studio Vitamins in our final movie from December’s Wearable Futures conference.

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Fjord Trends 2015 – Digital Dieting

Mark Curtis, chief client officer and co-founder at Fjord, and John Oswald, business design director at Fjord London, presents one of this year’s Fjord Trends, Digital Dieting, moderated by Mark Sherwin, managing director at Accenture Interactive.

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All-in-one digital table for Ikea suggests recipes based on leftover ingredients

A team of students have created a concept kitchen table for Ikea, which acts as an integrated cooking hob and dining table and can suggest recipes based on ingredients you put on it.

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