Positive Thinking- a New Weight Loss Technique

Ray lost 40 pounds, but can he survive his “friends”? If you’ve ever done weight loss or tried to keep it off, then this one is for you.

Starring Aaron Ballard, Curran Connor, Raymond McAnally, Robin Reed, and Amy Staats.
Written and Directed by Mark Nickelsburg

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Trailer: A Recipe for Gruel

Life, one meal at a time…
A trailer for the 10 minute film I have designed, directed and animated in 2D using TVPaint.
Narration & prose by Frank Key of http://hootingyard.org/.

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Slow Magic – Feel Flows by Paris Zarcilla

An independent short film, Feel Flows for artist Slow Magic by Paris Zarcilla

*Winner Best Music Based Film at Van d’Or Awards 2013
*Winner ‘Best Music Video’ and nominated for ‘Best Short Film’ at the London Independent Film Festival ’13 .
* Winner Best Cinematography Kino Film Festival
Best watched in HD, full screen with the volume pushed to 11!

Directed, Produced & Edited by Paris Zarcilla
Written by Paris Zarcilla & Ruth Tien An Whittle
Executive Producer – Adam Mustafa
Director of Photography by Mark Silk and Matt Taylor
1st AC Sam Renton & James Mclean
1st AD – Daniel Bliss
2nd AD – Sara Harrak
Art Direction by Amy Addison
Set Design – Toby Browne
Costume Design by Amy Addison
Assistant Costume by Ruth Tien An Whittle
Hair and Makeup – Samm Agnew
Gaffer – Rob White
Spark – Matt Vahey | Johnny Flint
Clapper Loader – Leo Winslow
Sound – Joe Harris
Runner – Daniel Whittle
Runner – Alex McCarthy
Grade and Sound design by Daryl Atkins
Visual Effects by Mario Maruska
Rotoscoping and Compositing by Josh Parks
Sound Mixer – Odinn Hilmarsson
Storyboarding by Louise Saunders

Hunter – Gerald Zarcilla
Wife – Skyrah Palli
Voice Over (Wife older) – Keiko Tsukioka McKeown
Oracles – Katerina Mishironi | Venetia Grivas | Rebecca Bell
Death God – Yiannis Alexiou

Special thanks to RewindFX, Wendover Forest, Pat Tan, the crew @ Action Underwater Studios, Jake Warren, Yoshika Kobayashi, Kayo Hiyashi, Naoki Ishii, Philip Morozov, Rina Yang

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Lonsdale ‘True Strength’

Tom battles to forgive his recently deceased father for a fallout in their past before realising that sometimes, true strength comes from within.

Graduation film from Bath Spa University / Spec commercial for Lonsdale.



Writer, Director and Producer: Matthew Sterling
Director of Photography: Jamie Harding
1st AC: Sophie Powell
Production Design: Francesco Raffo
Location Sound: Nathan Samuels & Luke Predeth
Hair and Makeup: Annie Botta
Production Coordinator: James Hood
Production Assistant: Oliver Arthurs
Editor: Matthew Sterling
Colourist: Ryan Berger
Composer: Alasdair Cooper
Sound Design: Alasdair Cooper & Iain Atkins
Audio Mix: Iain Atkins
DIT: Luke Predeth
Titles: Jemima Schejbal
Stills photographer: Chee Yip

Tom: Thomas Beatty
James: Michael Cooper

Video Europe
Bath Spa University
Bath Contemporary
Bridget Sterling
Florence Cooper
Sam Holding

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ME: A Personal Essay By Oliver Atkins (Short Film) Canon 450d

*Higher res version to be uploaded soon.

A short film about rolled-up paper, elephants, advertisements and a man’s hat.

Shot on the Canon 450d for home-made stop-motion effect.

Recording of Chopin’s Waltz in A minor owned by the uploader. Copyright JCC 2010.

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“I Want Muscle” by Elisha Smith-Leverock

Winner of the 4th ASVOFF MK2 Grand Prix, ‘I want Muscle’ is a film that plays with taboo and gender stereotypes. It aims to explore a different kind of female beauty, providing a glimpse into the world of Kizzy Vaines, a female bodybuilder. She is the only British competitor for the Olympia Fitness title in Las Vegas.

The visual aesthetic and soundtrack of the film are reminiscent of the glamour of the late 70s and early 80s, the golden age of female bodybuilding. It pays homage to the pioneering goddesses of the sport like Lisa Lyon and Rachel Mclish.

The is a muscle worship film but taken out of a fetish context. The idea was to break with traditional ideas of femininity in fashion and play with imagery that is conventionally perceived as glamourous, sexy, soft and feminine to then juxtaposed with displays of pure strength and shots of the grueling pain and discipline that is involved in achieving this type of physique.

The film was directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock and is a co-production between Creature Of London & KnockKnock made in association with Stamp London.

Starring: Kizzy Vaines
Director: Elisha Smith-Leverock
Executive Producers: Rob Hughes & Daniel Chaput De Santoigne
Producer: Kate Hinton
Stylist: Kim Howells​
Make-up: Yin Lee
Hair: Adrian Clark
DOP: Justin Brown
Art Direction: Anna Lomax & Lizzie King
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss at The Mill
In association with Stamp London

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