4 Most Important Lifestyle Changes and Tips for Healthy Living

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What are the most important tips for healthy living? We give you 4 of the most important tips on how to loose weight, feel your best, help the animals and save the planet. It’s a win win situation for everyone!

When we implement these 4 principles/tips in our daily lives not only will we be able to live healthier lives, we’ll also be helping humans, the animals and the planet at the same time.

Does dieting actually work? Are you seeing a doctors, or taking pills or supplements? Forget it! Now with these 4 simple tasks you don’t need pills, powders, and packaged foods, supplements, to go on diets or see doctors. You can be healthy without spending additional dollars and without seeing doctors. No more waiting in doctors’ offices or long hours in the kitchen cooking! Forget about diet books, combining foods or counting calories. Forget about restricting your calories or listening to wishy washy gurus telling you what to do.

It is scientifically proven that these 4 principles work for everyone! Doctors and health professionals do not know what we’re about to tell you. They have not studied it, nor does the general public know.

Even though our ancestors did everything right, today we are doing everything wrong. Listen to the scientific facts listed here. It is everything you’re going to need to succeed in a hectic world. Want to be able to make more money or get the body you’ve always wanted? Now you can, with these 4 proven successful tips and principles that we’ll show you.

There is nothing to buy! We are not selling anything. We are just presenting you with information that could change your life. Already tens of thousands of people are enjoying their freedom, their body and the life they’ve always wanted.

For millennia’s people from various religions and cultures have implemented these principles; people from all over have understood and articulated them. It is now your turn to learn the truths that people have been unwillingly and ignorantly shunning away. It is your turn to become wealthy with knowledge and information that some people pay thousands for. It is your turn to change your life and change the planet. Unlock the secrets, unlock the vault today. Watch the video that will save your life.

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Future Fortified

We are excited to announce the launch of Future Fortified, a campaign to help give sustainable access to nutrition to the 2 billion mothers and children around the world who lack access to the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to grow and thrive. We created this video with them to help to launch their campaign. To learn more, visit www.futurefortified.org

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Fairlife Presents: 30 Seconds to Better “Eat Right”

Your diet has evolved to include more fruits and veggies. You are a stickler about working out regularly. You even take a yoga class from time to time to reduce stress. But if the last time you drank milk was when you slurped it from a bowl after eating Cocoa Puffs as a child, you’re missing out on a natural super food that has more broad-reaching health and fitness benefits than you can imagine. Milk has grown up, and gotten better. Fairlife uses a filtration process that concentrates protein, reduces sugar and removes lactose from milk. So, milk can now be a great complement to an already healthy lifestyle. How? It only takes a little time – 30 seconds, to be exact – to learn how milk can go hand-in-hand with efforts to improve nutrition, physical activity, stress relief and gut health.

To learn more, visit our full paid post here: paidpost.nytimes.com/fairlife/30-seconds-to-better.html

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Top Anti-Aging Foods | Best Diet for Your Skin

http://TheHealthReporter.tv The skin needs essential vitamins to function and look its best. Discover which ones you need and where to get them. Karen Owoc, The Health Reporter™, provides an overview of the foods to eat to get the key vitamins necessary for healthy, youthful and radiant skin. Producer/Editor: Karen Owoc. Director of Photography: Michael Davich. http://KarenO.co

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How To Bulk With Your Diet



How to Bulk With Your Diet

When it comes to the diet, everyone has different goals. Just as some of us focus on losing weight and becoming leaner, others are more interested in building mass and growing in size. This is what we call ‘bulking’.

Bulking also happens to be much easier for some people than it is for others. If you are naturally an ectomorph, then that will make it hard for you to increase your weight and to grow and you will likely find that you’re naturally very slim and light.

There are ways to get around this though and it all has to do with the way you eat. Here are some points to consider…

You Need Energy

One of the positive sides of being an ectomorph is that it means you have free reign to really enjoy your carbs! In fact, carbs are necessary if you’re going to increase your muscle mass as the body actually needs a lot of energy in order to create and store muscle!

You Need Protein

Of course you also need to consume plenty of protein to gain muscle. After all, this is what muscle is made out of.

The general advice given when it comes to building muscle is that you should aim to consume 1 gram of protein for every 1 pound of bodyweight. If you do this and train intensively, then you’ll grow in size and strength.

Timing May be Important

One factor of dieting that often gets overlooked is timing (although this is the entire focus of other diets such as carb backloading or intermittent fasting). Timing is important when it comes to building muscle though, because the protein needs to be available right when your body is highest in anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

There are two times when you’ll be in this anabolic state: when you go to bed and approximately one hour after training. Keep in mind though that protein takes time to be absorbed by the body!

You Need to Rest

Another thing to keep in mind when aiming to bulk is that your body needs to rest. The more rested you are, the more anabolic you become – whereas when you exert yourself you are breaking down tissue and ‘catabolic’.

To grow, you need to start training and eating like a lion. Train just enough to stimulate growth and spend the rest of the time relaxing and eating!

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Ask David – Q&A 3

Huge thanks for all the questions coming in, its great to have so much interaction in what I am doing. Helping you achieve your goals is what it is all about for me, and by doing the Q&A if I can help just one person it’s worth it for me.

I tried to answer as many questions as possible, if I missed your question or if you have questions you want answering please leave them in the comments!

I feel like the fitness industry has been overcomplicated in a lot of ways and most people are confused at what they need to do. It’s time to strip it back to the basics and start working effectively. The basics are a lot more important that the details, get the simple stuff right (training intensity and goal focussed nutrition) and you will see exercise and diet don’t have to be extreme or complex to get results.

wlmager Does your 18 6 fitness diet work for building lean muscle?

_zulu81_ Do you favour high rep lower weight like gvt or lower reps high weights now like a 5×5, and what are the benefits?

flogball00 Can u do a video on stretching and warmup

harrys03 I’m 19 years old and I want to start eating healthy and start te gym what do you recommend?

check1984Is Vitargo good for a endomorph

luca.brassi.925 Would you recommend getting as lean as possible before trying to build muscle? I was overweight with high body fat and now I’m leaning down on your customised plan and I’m already thinking about the next phase!

luca.brassi.925 I’ve been following your meal plan but also incorporating intermittent fasting as it fits my lifestyle more. I tend to eat all my meals within a 4 hour window then fast for the rest, plus I do one 24 hour fast a week. I deliberately don’t compensate though which means I’m consuming less calories than on the plan. As I’m on a fat loss diet will this really lead to muscle loss or can I continue as I am? I’m 5’10 currently sitting at around 222 pounds. Thanks again David!

1991matty How often should you preform Low and high intensity cardio and after a session would you take a protein shake

motteler83 what do you think is an optimal amount of weight to gain per month on a lean mass phase?

nice.shot Deload training essential, nice to have or don’t worry about it?

thedome910 Which is better whey protein or impact whey protein?

iam_.andy Explain training around illness ie a common cold. Take time off? Train light?

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Weight Loss Tips by Saloni Part-II

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Buck President & CEO Brian Kennedy, PhD, in Discussion with Pankaj Kapahi, PhD on Dietary Restriction

Dr. Kapahi’s lab is focused on the role of nutrition and metabolism in lifespan and disease. He discusses the use of dietary restriction, low protein diet, and rapamycin in the lab to extend lifespan.

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Limit the number of items on your plate – Weight Loss Tips

Limiting the amount of different foods on your plate helps to limit the amount of food you intake. Also remember smaller bites help to fool the stomach to being full.

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