Chet Atkins Medley: Mr. Sandman,Whispering,Three Little Words

Chet Atkins Medley: Mr. Sandman,Whispering,Three Little Words 🙂

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Martin Atkins @ VCU BrandCenter – March 5, 2010

Hey Muscians!! Here is a talk I recorded on March 5, 2010 with Martin Atkins, founder of Pigface and Invisible Records, Drummer for PiL, Nine Inch Nails, Murder Inc., and more.

This talk is half standup comedy routine and half practical advise from experience about what you should do to succeed as a band. Includes such advice as “Don’t be an Asshole,” “Free is the new black,” increase your skills set, stay on top of technology, go to Starbucks to find people to convince to come to your show, get a good mix from the sound guy by buying him an espresso and rolling him a joint, and much, much more.

Martin has written a book on this very topic.

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Maaya Sakamoto – Million Clouds (from Vitamin M)

A versão completa (do rádio) da canção “Million Clouds”, a-side do novo single com lançamento no dia 27 de julho de 2016.
Conheça o Maaya PT
Compre o single!

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Visual Division

We Share Our Mother’s Health – The Knife
[Motion Graphic]

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Martin Atkins at Un-Convention Salford 2009

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DJ Mehdi – Ed Banger Wedding Set (WMC 2011)

So much love for this man… This clip is part of our 2 year documentary of WMC

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Nicole Atkins – Cry, Cry, Cry

Nicole Atkins and The Black Sea chronicle a few of the stumbles and tumbles that inspired their most recent album Mondo Amore, transforming “beautifully devastating moments” into a unique and uplifting session in The Guest Apartment. Watch the entire session at

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Luk – Cosmic Lad (Lyric Video Short)


Created using Green screen techniques within Adobe After Effects. ‘Cosmic Lad’ attempts to build upon the image introduced in ‘Vitamins’ without copying it directly; explaining the use of live footage and new raw materials. What ‘Cosmic Lad’ maintains however is the artists intentions and original inspiration, this can be seen through the manipulation of the artist’s face and body (all created with after effects).

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Health @ Villette Sonique – La Blogotheque

Health, playing at Villette Sonique festival, Paris.

Filmed by the Back On Stages team for la Blogotheque.

Vincent Moon / Yvan Schrek / Gaspar Claus

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Nicole Atkins & The Black Sea – Heavy Boots

Nicole Atkins & The Black Sea perform “Heavy Boots” live at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY on 8/6/09. Video by Joe Jennings. Recorded by Freddie Katz.

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