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How To Loose Belly Fat



The obesity epidemic is upon us and the evidence is everywhere. Many people want to know how to loose belly fat. This is a huge concern
for single folks. Let’s be serious here humans decide whether or not they find another human attractive within 5-7 seconds of meeting them.
Nothing turns off someone more than a big gut. Of course you will hear all those false statements like it’s the person’s personality, clothes,
sense of humor or what ever that is really important. Don’t believe it. A sloppy stomach is nearly always a deal breaker from the get go. If
this describes you it would be wise to learn how to loose belly fat. How difficult is this to do? Well the vast majority of people with big guts
and too much belly fat will stay that way unless they get some horrible disease that makes them waste away .Simple fact ,the cure rate for
obesity is less than the cure rate for cancer. The bad thing about this situation is that obesity is on a dramatic upswing. Estimates are
that over 2/3 rds of the adult population will be obese by the year 2030. There is no doubt that these obese folks will all want to know
how to loose belly fat.


Body builders have long known how to loose belly fat and body fat as well. They will always say that they would rather miss a week in the
gym than one day on the diet. This is very true and they understand how important the diet aspect is for body building. These athletes can
gain or loose an unbelievable amount of weight in days. Many competitive body builders can gain or loose 50 -70 pounds in a month or
less in preparation for a contest. This of course is and extreme example of controlling diet and body weight.The astounding thing about
body builders who gain or loose weight like this is that they usually maintain their muscle density and strength. These men and women know
how to loose belly fat and body fat. Some of the competitors get down to 3-4% body fat. This is absurd and not healthy for the majority of
humans.What can we learn from the body builders? There are some basic things they have done for years that will help the average
person learn how to loose belly fat. It makes no difference how much you work out, if you eat like a hog you will look like a hog. You
can ruin a 2 hour work out with a 10 minute meal. When it comes to your physical appearance 80% of what you look like depends on your
diet. Exercise accounts for only 20% of one’s physique.


What about working out? Is that how to loose belly fat? Like we said diet is responsible for 0% of how we look . Thus if you are not ready
cut back on the garbage, just be content to be MR or Mrs “Muffin Top”.When it comes to exercise too many people make it far to difficult.
I mean when you see these victims at a gym with their personal trainers and all the paraphernalia for exercise it wears you out. The vast
majority of people who want to start working out are defeated before they even start. These folks want to know how to loose belly fat and
look good. The major issue is that most gyms and formal exercise facilities make it difficult or intimidating to accomplish this. In the final
analysis when it comes to working out: just do something!!! Most people, including kids do nothing. A change in your diet and some simple
exercise is how to loose belly fat. Ideally 150 minutes a week of aerobics is a good formula for success. Walking ,running, riding a bike,
anything is good. Like I said just do something. Stomach work is also mandatory. While you loose some weight, it’s good to train your stomach.
You should exercise your abs every day. Twists. crunches, leg raises are the basics and work if you do them. How many reps should you do?
As many as possible this is how you loose belly fat.


So what is the secret as how to loose belly fat as we age? This becomes much harder with age because our bodies change with age.
Several nasty things occur with age: growth hormone decreases, testosterone in men decreases, estrogen in women decreases, muscle
mass decreases. This all means that fat goes to our mid section and our bodies are less muscular and fatter. We also burn fewer calories
and tend to loose strength. Obviously if one keeps eating like when they were young bad things happen like a big gut. This is why many
older people want to know how to loose belly fat. An excellent diet for all ages that will help anyone loose belly fat is the same diet that
body builders use. This diet includes some basic concepts anyone can follow. First it is important to protein load in the morning. This
can be done by mixing some whey protein and egg whites with milk. A good diet has the person eating at least

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