Nutrition 101 with Joan O’Keefe, RD – Healthy Breakfast and Protein

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The right way to start your day is with protein. Protein is different because it takes longer to digest. It is a larger, more complex molecule and takes a very long time to break down, which makes you feel full, satisfied and high energy. You aren’t having cravings, you’re able to think clearly and you aren’t thinking about your next meal until you should be. When your breakfast includes a protein source your blood sugar does not spike and crash, but rather goes up very slowly and comes down very slowly. You never hit that low that causes tiredness and irritability. Egg whites, cottage cheese, a handful of nuts and Whey Protein are excellent sources of protein in the morning.

The benefits to eating protein in the morning are you feel full longer, snack less between meals and you eat half as many calories.

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Coming soon, Joan O’Keefe, RD discusses green in your diet.

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