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With their creamy texture, delicious flavor, and culinary diversity, avocados are a versatile and popular fruit, especially around the KTV headquarters (San Diego accounts for 60% of all avocados in California). From sweet to savory dishes, on a salad or in a smoothie, avos are packed with potassium, fiber, and diverse fats. While generally eaten raw, you can dress up an avocado in various ways including our favorite, guacamole. In this episode of Health Nuts, free-surf beauty, Holly Beck shares her recipe for this tasty dip.

1-2 organic avocados
1 organic tomato
1/2 organic red onion
bunch organic cilantro
1 chili
2 garlic cloves
juice from 1/2 lime
tortilla chips

Dice avocado. Lightly mash in a bowl. Keep chunky. Dice tomato, onion and garlic, cilantro and chili. Add to avocado in bowl. Add lime juice and salt to taste. Mix well.

Holly Beck

Reis Paluso

“Star of the Seas”
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Critter Wraps – Health Nuts

Critter Baugh not only shreds in the ocean, but he also has some serious skills in the kitchen. As a personal chef and caterer, specializing in vegan, vegetarian, and raw cooking, Critter takes us out to his organic garden to get the fixin’s for his tasty wraps.

Carrots & Beets – shredded or julienned
Fresh Mango – sliced thin
Avocado – sliced thin
Swiss Chard – stem removed
Tahini – homemade preferred

Add ingredients of top of Chard. And roll ’em up!

For more info about Critter’s Kitchen:!/pages/Critters-Kitchen/105783799457007

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Liz’s Favorites – Health Nuts

Prior to leaving for our trip to Queensland earlier this year, we had quite a few people tell us that we had to stop by this little cafe in Coolangatta that Mick Fanning’s mother, Liz, owned and operated called Fresh Garden Cafe. Seemed like a no-brainer to us!

So we caught up with Liz and got the lowdown on how she acquired the shop and how it’s “word-of-mouth” reputation has put the cafe on the global map. She was also gracious enough to share some of the places most popular post-surf power ups.

This video was made possible by Tourism and Events Queesnland –

Pure Indulgence
1 c. Dragonfruit juice
1/2 pineapple
3 oranges peeled
1 banana

Put all ingredients through juicer starting with the dragonfruit juice. Stir and pour over ice.

Acai Bowl
3 frozen acai packets
1 c. mango juice
1 banana + 1/2 for garnish
10 strawberries

Add acai, mango juice, 6 strawberries and 1 banana to blender. Blend until smooth. Put into bowl with your favorite granola. Garnish with remaining berries and banana.

Liz Osborne & Fresh Garden Cafe

Reis Paluso

Additional Footage:
Cyrus Sutton

“The Crowd”

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How To Brew Kombucha – Health Nuts

With the recent bogus government crackdown on that fizzy, faux-soda favorite of all the hot yoga milfs out there (aka Kombucha) and subsequent clearing from shelves across the nation, we figured it was time to show how to brew your own Kombucha. Now you don’t have to wait until it comes back to Whole Foods to enjoy this highly expensive and beneficial fermented tea! You will not only save a ton of $$ but you might gain a little popularity with cute yoginis who are trying to mooch some bottles from you…

If you would like more help or have any questions, feel free to contact Neil. He’s been doing this for a while and has it down to a science…

2 gallons of filtered water
2 1/2 cups sugar (1 1/4 cups per gallon)
2 #4 loose leaf tea bags (or 10 normal tea bags) of black, white or green tea
1 kombucha mushroom (SCOBY)
2 cups starter tea (1c. per gallon)
2 cups 100% juice or puree (for flavoring)

If you are looking for a SCOBY, start looking on CraigsList for someone near you who might be selling one. There are also other resources online. Once you have your own, it will grow in layers. You can split it in half and double your brew, give part to a friend, or sell it yourself online.

Your brew is ready when it becomes slightly acidic. If you don’t have an electric pH tester, you can use pH test strips (found online or at your local beer brewing shop).

If you don’t use a heating pad, fermentation process can take up to 2+ weeks.

Make sure you use the proper amount of sugar when preparing your sweet tea. The sugar feeds the SCOBY which converts it into all the beneficial properties that Kombucha has.

Don’t use flavored teas. The oils in the tea are bad. Only add flavoring after tea has fermented. And use only 100% juice or puree. It’s the good stuff!

ALWAYS save the proper amount of starter tea for your next batch!

Sanitize everything. Wash your hands, bottles, and all materials. Make sure to clean out your fermentation vessel after every brew. Continuous brewing can cause mold and other problems.

Avoid using metal around the SCOBY. Stick with wooden spoons and glass containers.



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Meditation – Health Nuts

In the second installment of Health Nuts, guru John Peck demonstrates the ancient form of meditation to achieve self awareness as well as a peaceful frame of mind.

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Fermentation 101 – Health Nuts

In a world manically concerned with fighting germs we often forget the value bacteria in our lives. The truth is we are surrounded by bacteria at all times and there are more bacteria cells in our guts than cells in the rest of our bodies. The way to health is not to simply protect yourself from the bad bacteria but to fortify yourself with the good bacteria. While TV commercials may have you believe that these probiotics may only be found in yogurts on your supermarket shelves, a far more healthful and plentiful selection of probiotics can be cultivated by simply letting nature take its course on most of your fruits and vegetables. In this episode of Korduroy’s Health Nuts learn how simple it is to preserve your food and restore your health in just a few basic steps.

Specific Directions for Kimchi

1. Soak Vegetables

2. Add following ingredients to 1 gallon glass jar or ceramic crock:

11/2 medium heads (2-3lbs) cabbage, cut into 1″ chunks
2 carrots, thinly sliced
1 medium daikon radish, thinly sliced
1 scallion

3. Dissolve salt into water. Pour brine over contents.

3 pints filtered water
4-5 tablespoons sea salt

4. Sink veggies under brine with heavy glass bottle or plate with weight for 4-6 hours.

5. Make Paste. Add following ingredients to food processor

4 Tbsp. red pepper powder
1 Tbsp. fish sauce
1 Tbsp. soy sauce
6-8 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
3 scallions, sliced
1 Tbsp. ground ginger

6. Pack Jar or Crock

Drain vegetables, reserving 1 cup of soaking liquid.
Wearing glove, mix paste throughly into vegetables with your hands.
Pack into jar or crock. Even out top surface.
Sink down with plate or lid and weight. contents should be under brine within 1 day. If not, top off a reserved brine.

7. Ferment

Cover with towel to keep dust/flies out.
Let sit in warm dark spot for 7 days.
Transfer to smaller (quart or pint sized) jars.
Store in refrigerator for up to 2 months.

Austin Durant

James Campbell

Cyrus Sutton

The Red Fox Tails

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Fasting – Health Nuts

Born in a Jewish family, Jordan Richter found skateboarding during a difficult childhood. After rising to fame in the skate world, he converted to Islam and stopped skating professionally during this introspective period. Now years later, he’s attempting to regain his place in skating through practice and hustle. Jordan recently went on a 40 day straight fast where he drank nothing but straight water and a concoction of water, lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup when he was hungry to raise his awareness of his food intake.

In this episode of Health Nuts, we look at the Master Cleanse and fasting as a whole as a way of giving your body a break from digesting processed foods. While we at Korduroy do not personally endorse the Master Cleanse due to its high sugar content and lack of nutrients, we feel that the lessons Jordan learned on his journey are ones that transcend the type of fast he chose and exemplify living a conscious life.

Jordan Richter

Cyrus Sutton

James Campbell
Cyrus Sutton

Chris Olivas
James Campbell

“Lo-Fi or Die”
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