Top 5 Healthiest Green Vegetable to eat : Food to Lose weight,Healthy Diet,Skin Care,Muscle Gain

Top 5 Healthiest Green Vegetable to eat : Food to Lose weight,Healthy Diet,Skin Care,Muscle Gain-

Five most healthiest green Vegetables to eat in the world.In this video Health tips TV shown Which food you should keep in your daily menu to lose weight,Healthy Diet,Skin Care,To Muscle Gain.

Avoid Junk foods for lose weight and Take Fresh fruits in your daily Menu to keeps you Healthy.
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What to EAT! Basic Nutrition, Weight Loss, Healthy Diet, Best Foods Tips – Virtual Health Coach

What to EAT! Basic Nutrition, Weight Loss, Healthy Diet, Best Foods Tips – Virtual Health-

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Losing Weight When Everyone Around Me Eats Unhealthy

“I’ve had a problem with my weight my whole life. It started when I was little, and my mom (who is also overweight) gave me foods that were high in fat. When I got older and went to college, all they served was unhealthy stuff – pizza, burgers, etc. Now I’m married, and my husband only wants to eat rich, heavy foods. I really want to lose weight, but it’s hard to do that when everyone around me is unhealthy too. What should I do?”

Answered by Scott Reall, Founder, Restore Ministries; Author, Journey to Freedom. Need help with eating/body image issues?

Visit for hundreds of helpful videos like this one, plus small group tools, self-tests, parent tips, articles, blogs, professional resources, conferences and more to help you eat well & live free!

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Nutrition 101 with Joan O’Keefe, RD – Healthy Breakfast and Protein

Video 3 in the Nutrition 101 series with Joan O’Keefe, RD. For more information, please visit

The right way to start your day is with protein. Protein is different because it takes longer to digest. It is a larger, more complex molecule and takes a very long time to break down, which makes you feel full, satisfied and high energy. You aren’t having cravings, you’re able to think clearly and you aren’t thinking about your next meal until you should be. When your breakfast includes a protein source your blood sugar does not spike and crash, but rather goes up very slowly and comes down very slowly. You never hit that low that causes tiredness and irritability. Egg whites, cottage cheese, a handful of nuts and Whey Protein are excellent sources of protein in the morning.

The benefits to eating protein in the morning are you feel full longer, snack less between meals and you eat half as many calories.

Please visit for more information or to leave a question on the blog for Joan O’Keefe, RD.

Coming soon, Joan O’Keefe, RD discusses green in your diet.

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Regal Vegan: Fooling Jewish Grandmothers w/Faux Gras

“I wanted to make something bigger. Something better. Where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Meet Ella Nemova, the Founder and Chief Faux Gras-preneur of The Regal Vegan, an artisan food company in Brooklyn focused on decadent vegan treats. Ella is a force to be reckoned with. Spend just a few hours with her and you immediately get swept up into her whirlwind of ideas and epiphanies about vegan food. Her opinions are fiery, and her suggestions eye-opening. All stemming from a mini-diet experiment that changed the way she ate forever. Before I knew it, I found myself picking apart my own diet, wondering why I didn’t talk about “feeling amazing” or “feeling energized” as often as she did. This is what I love about exposing myself to passionate individuals, the belief in what they do is so strong, you feel this pull become part of it. Like osmosis. And just being around Ella, I started to feel good already. Try it yourself sometime!

As Ella explained to me, “decadent and vegan are not usually used in the same sentence.” She wants to change that. Starting with her Faux Gras and Basilicotta vegan spreads, she wants to help satisfy our cravings for meat and dairy with alternatives that actually tasted rich – introduce food items that wouldn’t make you second guess a meat replacement. Enjoy her story! I hope it convinces you, not to stop eating meat entirely, but to peer into the food landscape and see what you’re missing. I’ve never had cardoons. Now I’d like to know what they taste like. Thanks Ella. Thanks for sharing the exciting possibilities of a vegan diet. The plant world awaits us all.

Thanks so much for watching food. curated.! Have fun eating your vegetables!


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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting – Many individuals observe fasting as a spiritual obligation however simply couple of learned the health benefits it has. Fasting is a great practice, if properly applied. It markets removal of toxins from the body, minimizes blood sugar ans fat deposits establishments. It advertise healthy and balanced consuming routines and boost resistance. Right here are top 10 health and wellness advantages you could stem from fasting.

Fasting Promotes detoxing

Processed foods contain great deals of ingredients. These additives could come to be poisons in the physical body. A few of them promote production of innovative glycation final result (AGEs). Most of these contaminants are kept in fats. Fat is burnt throughout fasting, especially when it is prolonged. And the contaminants are released. The liver, kidneys and various other organs in the physical body are included in detoxification.

Fasting Rests Digestive System

Throughout fasting, the digestive body organs rest. The regular physiologic functions proceed specifically manufacturing of digestive secretions, however at decreased prices. This workout aids to maintain harmony of fluids in the body. Breakdown of food occurs at constant fees. Launch of electricity also complies with a gradual pattern. Fasting nonetheless does not stop manufacturing of acids in the stomach. This is reason patients with peptic ulcer are encouraged to approach fasting with caution. Some professionals believe they must not fast.

Fasting Resolves Inflammatory Response

Some research studies reveal that fasting promotes resolution of inflamed conditions and allergies. Examples of such inflammatory illness are rheumatoid joint inflammations, joint inflammations and skin diseases such as psoriasis. Some professionals insist that fasting may advertise healing of inflammatory bowel conditions such as ulcerative colitis.

Fasting Reduces Blood Sugar

Fasting rises breakdown of glucose so that the physical body could obtain electricity. It lessens production of insulin. This relaxes the pancreas. Glucagon is generated to promote the failure of sugar. The end result of fasting is a reduction in blood glucose level.

Fasting Increases Fat failure

The first feedback of the physical body to fasting is break down of sugar. When the shop of glucose is exhausted, ketosis begins. This is break down of fats to release energy. The fats kept in renal and muscular tissues are broken down to release energy.

Fasting Corrects superior blood Pressure

Fasting is just one of the non-drug methods of reducing blood pressure. It aids to reduce the threat of coronary artery disease. Atherosclerosis is blocking of canals by fat bits. During fasting glucose and later, fat deposits establishments are made use of to generate energy. Metabolic rate is reduced during fasting. The fear-flight bodily hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline are additionally lowered. This holds on to the metabolic steady and within limits. The perk is a reduction in blood pressure.

Fasting Promotes Weight loss

Fasting promotes rapid weight loss. It reduces the store of fats in the physical body. Nevertheless fasting is not a good weight-loss technique. Decreasing fat deposits and sweets intake, and increasing fruits and rest are better actions to obtain weight reduction.

Fasting Promotes Healthy diet

It has actually been observed that fasting decreases yearning for processed meals. It advertises desire for natural foods, especially water and fruits. This is one method fasting advertise healthy way of life.

Fasting Boosts Immunity

When a person is on balanced diet in between fasts, this can increase immunity. Removal of toxins and decrease in fat deposits store additionally aids the physical body. When people take fruits to crack a fast, they improve the body’s store of vital minerals and vitamins. Vitamins A and E excel anti-oxidants readily available in fruits. They aid to improve resistance.

Fasting May Help to Overcome Addictions

Some authors reveal that fasting could assist addicts lower their desires, for nicotine, liquor, high levels of caffeine and other drug abuse. Although there are other regimens called for to deal with dependencies, fasting can play a role.

Regardless of these benefits, fasting has some demerits. It may cause reduction in physical body water called dehydration. This leads may cause migraines and also set off migraine headaches in predisposed persons. It may aggravate heartburn and peptic ulcer. Expectant females, nursing mothers, malnourished folks, and individuals with heart arrhythmias, kidney or liver issues are recommended not to fast.

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Paleo Cookbooks – Complete Paleo Recipe Guide to Healthy Eating Try it! By eating foods provided by mother nature, foods that were available to our hunter gatherer ancestors, foods which are basic to our biology and our digestive system, you can begin to experience these wonderful results in your health, and many more!

As you will soon find out, thousands of people have followed the paleo diet using the same ingredients I have used within the Paleo Cookbooks and have achieved greater results in their health and well-being than ever before.

I want to tell you straight off the bat that the paleo diet is not a diet designed by diet doctors, faddists, or nutritionists; it is a diet designed by nature. It is not the latest weight loss program a diet that leaves you craving tasty foods or a new fad for increasing your energy… The paleo diet is a diet that gets your body healthy – all the positive results simply fall into place.

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Going Green; Plant-Based Diet

Going green, it’s becoming a top dietary trend as more people look to better their health. Turns out, there is a wide field of variations.

“When I say plant-based, it’s all foods that are grown. Vegetarians typically will still allow dairy, they’ll have cow’s milk, yogurt and cheese things like that. Vegans have no animal products whatsoever,” says Jeanne Struve, registered dietitian with Lee Memorial Health System.

The plant-based diet is gaining momentum. Based on grains, beans and vegetables with little or no added oils, sugar or salt. With proper planning, people get proper nutrition, including protein, without touching meat.

“The interesting thing is, a lot of plant foods are very high in protein. Quinoa is a grain that is extremely high in protein. Most of your vegetables are at least 40% protein. Your grains have a lot of protein, so you don’t have to have a lot of animal products to get enough protein,” says Struve.

Plant-based benefits include improving heart health, controlling diabetes and trimming calories.

“For most people who are following a strict plant-based diet, the beauty is you don’t have to count calories,” says Struve.

If you want to give it a try, you don’t have to go cold turkey. The concept of Meatless Monday was devised as a way to cut out meat one day a week. Experts find any lowering of animal intake boosts health. And finding veggie options has never been easier.

Grocery stores, restaurants, even college dining halls all report an increase in plant-based menu items. Lee Memorial Health System upped salad bar offerings by 40% giving people who eat in the hospital cafeterias more smart choices.

“We’re not going to change what they do every night, but little by little we will lead them in steps towards a better menu pattern and a better daily consumption pattern,” says Larry Altier, Director of food and nutrition with Lee Memorial Health System.

However you slice it, meatless meals are here to stay.

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Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we’ve been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries.


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