Meat in the Middle

Meat in the Middle is a competitive potlucking game that uses food as a way to facilitate nutritional knowledge. Carnivores and herbivores compromise their dietary preferences and compete in creating meals for each other that best follow the game’s outlines. Mnemonic rules like Eat Colors, Play with Protein, Make it Tasty, Stuff Yourself, and Seal the Deal are used to encourage creativity while subtly reinforcing nutritional concepts. The winner is the one who most closely adheres to the rules by popular vote; and their recipe has the opportunity to be featured on the website. The primary objective of the game is to allow people who might never imagine adopting a plant-based diet to experience it in a positive way and pick up some helpful information in the meantime. For more information, email us at

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Sri Lankan Cabbage Curry Recipe


Pfizer – Active and 50+ / The New York Times

Together with T Brand Studio – brand marketing unit of The New York Times and Vladimir Marchukov we created set of illustrations and short animated video for the New York Times article about Prevnar13 – a vaccine that protects you from pneumococcal pneumonia after the age of 50.

Client – Pfizer / The New York Times
Agency – T Brand Studio
Illustration – Justyna Stasik
Animation – Vladimir Marchukov
Art Direction – Sophie Butcher (T Brand Studio)

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SA Vitamins Weight Loss Blog Day 11

Follow Enid’s 12 week weight loss journey at

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A series of animations from Hornet directors Dan & Jason featuring a cast of unsuspecting characters who find themselves in unlikely (but kind of adorable) medical situations. Exploding potholes, cuddly bears, trigger happy bees, and hungry ladybugs add a little humor to an otherwise bland topic.

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Directors: Dan & Jason

Hornet Inc.

Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins

Producer: Cathy Kwan

Development Producer: Kristin Labriola

Editor: Lilka Hara

Storyboard Artist: Bill Moore, Paul Harmon

Character Designer: Robin Davey

Background Designer: Bill Moore

Lead Animator: Mike Luzzi

2D Animators: Jacob Kafka, Joe Andriola, Mark Pecararo
Lead Compositor: Yussef Cole

Compositor: Ted Wiggin
Agency: Design & Acquisition

Founder: MT Carney
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Peck

Creative Director/Copywriter: Greg Erdelyi

Head of Production: Nik Traxler

Illustrator: Ed Nacional

Designer: Chad Ackerman

Head of Account Management: Marianne Pizzi

Strategy Director: Diana Gonzalez
Client: Oscar

Co-Founder: Kevin Nazemi

VP Marketing: Veronica Parker-Hahn

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