Body by Bananas

Marco Borges shares with us great banana recipes and workout tips.

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Tara Pagan Vegan Day 70 Weight Loss

Less than 1 pound to go to reach my goal weight!

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Healthy Eating | Parfait

We at Canvas Magazine are doing a monthlong celebration of healthy eating to welcome in the warm summer months. We dissect the creation of a quick snack meal, the parfait. A parfait is a layered yogurt, fruit, and granola healthy snack topped with honey and vanilla to add to sweet taste.

To make this delicious treat, you will need 1 cup of yogurt, 1 cup of granola, 1 cup of assorted berries, honey and vanilla. Layer the yogurt, granola, and berries and top with honey and vanilla. To keep with the healthy theme use organic granola and plain yogurt.

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Juicing: weight loss superstar

Juicing is my favourite method to flood the body with the nutrition it craves for. When we are fed correctly our bodies will be satisfied and weight, energy and vitality reaches a natural balance. Eating correctly does not just mean, filling up the stomach, its giving the chemistry that the most sophisticated and complex system on this planet (you) needs to properly function. Juicing is a method that accelerates healing because you simply get more of the good stuff in the best form – raw and natural. (sorry about the sound quality)
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Its easy to do, quick and simple to clean too!

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Basically Vegan

Promotional film we created for Shirley Skiebe of Basically Vegan. Check out her website/twitter and signup for some amazing recipes. TRUST US. She fed us during the shoot and it was mind blowing.
twitter: @basicallyvegan

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