Best Indian Foods to Burn Fat

This video by Fitho Wellness presents to you the best Indian foods which will help you in burning that extra fat on your body and help you stay fit and healthy. To get your weight loss diet, log on to

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Strong Moves Upper-Body Workout | Alex Silver-Fagan

There’s no one way to build a strong, toned upper body. Blend different training styles into your routine with this well-rounded workout! Get Alex Silver-Fagan’s …



DIET SOUNDS™ is a science-based herbal weight loss supplement and is a result of a scientific research invested on herbs and nutrients that naturally promote weight loss and are safe to use. Our ingredients are going to help you with: PROMOTING FAT LOSS: “THERMOGENESIS, PRESERVING LEAN BODY MASS, and PROMOTING SATIETY AND BOOSTING ENERGY. DIET SOUNDS™ contains BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT. Diet Sounds – | EncoreFit –

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Mommies-to-be fitness – 5

Welcome to my Lolë Podcast of Mommies-to-be fitness! My name is Nikki Atzori and I am a certified Personal Trainer and Zumba Instructor. As you can see I am 5 months pregnant but that hasn’t stopped me from staying fit!!

Some benefits of exercising while pregnant include maintaining muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of developing gestational diabetes and preventing excess weight gain. For me staying in shape while pregnant helps me strengthening the muscles needed for labor and delivery, which can ease delivery and labor time!

Important: Always get clearance from your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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Benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet shown in the blood

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Kim Ulvberget

Switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet will do many changes to your body.

In the blood picture you see black parts of plaque, this is mainly leftovers from animal protein that the body cant use.
It has to be filtered out of the blood to not clog the arteries.
This will stress your blood filtering organs such as the liver and kidneys and also your immune system.
Plaque that is left in the blood will also start fermenting and breaking down. Creating fungus that again will make the environment around it more acidic.

In the following clip you will see the immune system picking up white balls of fungus.
Meat and diary products are essentially “dead” and they contain higher acidic levels than living and growing plants.
A high intake of meat and diary will challenge the body’s auto ph balance. The body naturally balances the acidic and alkaline balance by using minerals and hydrogen ions. This balance can get disrupted and your blood becomes slightly more acidic. This again can cause a huge amount of health problems.
Cutting out or down on animal products will help tremendously in maintaining a healthy balance.
Meat and diary also contains lots of heavy metals and chemicals. Many animals are fed antibiotics and other medicine to make sure they grow up faster and bigger. They also get chemicals through the food they eat. A substantial amount of this is still present in the meat and milk that we consume. In addition to this many other chemicals are added to the products to make them last longer, look fresher and taste better.
Cutting down on meat and diary and adopting to a vegetarian or vegan diet will give your organs and cells a lot less stress and will help build a stronger immune system.
The ph balance will be stable and the cell communication will be strong.
A common misunderstanding is that a vegetarian or vegan diet doesn’t contain enough protein, iron and other nutrients. This is not true. Plant based food is rich in protein, iron and other nutrients with a better uptake quality in the body.

Contact us for more information about the ph balance and what we see in the blood when adopting to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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Indoor Rowing Workout Video with Josh Crosby: “The Classic”

For less than a studio class, own a workout of a lifetime!

The “Classic” is the first video in the Josh Crosby Fitness rowing workout series. Let Josh Crosby – former World Champion rower and Ironman World Champion competitor – take you down the river with this 30 min., calorie-crushing rowing workout. Josh will bring your strength, endurance and overall rowing times to new heights. From high intensity intervals to steady endurance work this workout will strengthen 9 major muscle groups, increase flexibility and burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes!

Video includes rowing intro. and warm-up, technique, interval and endurance work and ongoing motivation through graphics, action video and world-class coaching. You won’t find this level of indoor rowing instruction and footage anywhere else online. Perfect for Cross-Fit rowing improvement, triathlete conditioning, cross-training and anyone wanting to reap the benefits of rowing.

Download now to any of your devices and bring your rowing at home, or in the gym, to the next level. Josh uses the beautifully crafted WaterRowerGX machine which he helped to design. However, this workout can be done on whatever rower to which you have access.

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Jamie Scott—High Performance Evolutionary Fitness – Using EvoBio to Optimize Training for Endurance (AHS12)

Jamie Scott, PGDipNutMed, PGDipSportExMed presenting at the second annual Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS12).

High Performance Evolutionary Fitness – Using EvoBio to Optimize Training for Endurance Sports
Following a paleolithic lifestyle incorporating a diet relatively low in carbohydrates and promoting high-intensity intermittent exercise is often seen as incompatible with conventionally-held nutrition and training recommendations for endurance sports such as cycling. With these sports becoming more popular amongst individuals who may also be drawn toward the health-promoting benefits of a paleolithic lifestyle, people can often be left struggling to make the two fit. Undertaking large volumes of endurance training whilst trying to follow a higher-fat, lower-carbohydrate diet can lead to rapid failure at either endeavour.
Recent challenges to conventional wisdom within the fields of exercise physiology and sports nutrition have shed light on strategies which are very much in line with many of the commonly promoted paleolithic lifestyle recommendations. These include a renewed focus on adaptation to high-fat diets, “train-low, race-high” nutrition strategies, and a focus on training at both very low and very high exercise intensities, with a decrease in time spent at high-draining “Goldilocks” intensities. This presentation looks at how these recent advances in sport science and our current understanding of biologicaly appropriate nutrition and fitness strategies can be combined to produce high-performance evolutionary fitness.

Jamie is a nutritionist, researcher, and writer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. He is one of only two specialist paleo nutritionists in New Zealand, and is the lead researcher and writer for the only corporate health company applying evolutionary biology to all of its corporate programmes. Jamie presented at AHS11 alongside Emily Deans, M.D.

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Triceps, Core & Abs – Rich Tola’s 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout #66

Here’s another 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout from my 2011 web series: 100 Workouts in 100 Days. Every workout is safe and easy-to-follow and includes poses and stretches that are based on Yoga. So put a fat-burning spark in your day in only 5 minutes!

For all Tola Yoga classes, fitness DVDs, AB workouts, my film, talk show, podcast, memoir and more visit my website: All social: @richtola

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Her Yoga Secrets Reviews – Yoga Burn With Zoe Bray-Cotton!

Her Yoga Secrets Discount:

Hey ladies,

This review is for you. In this video I review the Yoga Burn or Her Yoga Secrets course. It is apparently both a digital product and available as a physical product where they ship you the DVDs.

I just got the digital series because it gave me instant access. I really like that you can just download the entire video series or audio series to your local device. It’s great that you can just put the audio on your MP3 player/iPod/phone etc and listen to the Zoe Bray Cotton walk you through the yoga exercises as you’re doing them.

The exercises are provided in a video series that puts them in a progressive sequence. This progressive sequence means that everything is built upon the fundamental exercises that are considered the building blocks of all yoga sequences. They provide a dynamic journey to getting a flat belly through the power of yoga.

The exercises are not only good for your physical health. They also impact your mental health as it relieves stress. That is where the bonus video comes in. It is a 15-minute video that discusses Tranquility Flow and it is probably the favorite video of most people who are in the Yoga Burn course.

There are three main phases of the program. They are:

The Foundational Flow: learn the basic yoga exercises that make up the foundation for all yoga sequences.
The Transitional Flow: start to transition into more complex combinations.
The Mastery Flow: begin to master fluid combinations of all yoga exercises that begin to ignite your metabolism, build muscle, and melt away fat.

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My Gluten Free Diet – What I Eat

Hiya! So it’s Coeliac awareness week and so I thought I would make a video on the topic. I am coeliac and have been eating gluten free for 4 years now. If you think you might be coeliac then…


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