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Directed by:
Executive Creative Director:
Orion Tait
Executive Producer:
Anne Skopas
Ann Seymour
Production Coordinator:
Alexi Yeldezian
Creative Director:
Yker Moreno
Associate Creative Director:
Justin Fines
Lead Animator:
Rocio Cogno
Olivia Blanc, Justin Fines, Andreas Bjorn Hansen, Gonzalo Menevichian, Yker Moreno, Kyle Mowat, Thomas Schmid, Yeojin Shin, Kyle Strope
2D Animation:
Nicolo Bianchino, Rocio Cogno, Chad Colby, Gonzalo Menevichian
Cel Animation:
Kyle Mowat, William Trebutien, Rocio Cogno
Stop Motion:
Chad Colby, Gonzalo Menevichian, Kyle Mowat
Rocio Cogno, Jose Fuentes
Art Department:
Kyle Mowat, Junko Shimizu, Chad Colby, Gonzalo Menevichian
Jose Fuentes

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Room Recipes: Home Office

Room Recipes / / / video series for Apartment Therapy & Glidden Paints.

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Jeff Speck Design #1: The 3-to-2 Road Diet

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All four designs:

A collaboration between city planner, urban designer, and author Jeff Speck (, and 3D artist Spencer Boomhower (, this series of videos describes some of the most common and most effective road-diet redesigns.


“Many one-way streets have an extra lane that can be traded for a cycle track by pulling a flank of parking off the curb. Ten feet is all you need, as the parking lane can be made quite narrow. Such a change, on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, reduced speeding by 77%, and reduced injury crashes by 63 %, while having no impact on car volume or travel times.”

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Adelphoi : Diet Coke ‘Backlot’

A big action movie score follows our unlucky production assistant around the Hollywood film sets in search of a Diet Coke. The commercial was first aired during the 2007 Academy Awards to a huge international TV audience.

Project: Diet Coke ‘Backlot’ Director’s Cut
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Ivan Zacharias

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Room Recipes: Dining Room

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Vegan Apple Tartlets (Feat. by Green Kitchen Stories)

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This little tartlet went to market! Child of the tart, cousin to quiche, and grandchild of pie. The tartlet. A small pastry base with a sweet or savory filling on top. Delicious. And easy. Hit your local market, load up on fruit and vege – and you’ll have friends and family beaming from ear to ear.

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Sleep for Health

A voice-over animation based on the educational film “Sleep for Health” (1950).

Instructor: Ori Kleiner
Design& Animation: Jung-Eun Han

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Marmo Fluido – recipes in natural resin

Two years ago Pietrasanta Industries and Carmine Deganello presented a new thermoplastic resin and started working with it together with a group of designers. The material is a mixture of marble dust and tree resin. It does not contain synthetic or toxic components and is entirely renewable: objects made of it are easy to recycle. Moreover, a solid mould is not required, which means that waste is no longer part of the manufacturing process!
First heated and then poured, this natural resin is as strong as marble and simultaneously as fluid as water. Its flexible nature allows for a variety of moulding materials and options. All participants made the most of this exciting freedom: they chose leather, wood, cardboard, and even ice to give manifold shapes to this amazing material.
Massimiliano Adami
Carmine Deganello
Pepe Heykoop
Roel Huisman
Sjoerd Jonkers
Jorrit Taekema
Jeroen Wand
Sander Wassink
Jólan van der Wiel.

Special thanks
Videomaker: Francesco Parrella
Design consultants: Peter van Kester & Helen van Ruiten, Amsterdam
Alex Schaub – Founder Fablab Amsterdam
TheFablab: Make in Milano
For more info, please contact

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Risk & Adventure

Direction and DOP
Garth Badger
Dan Max


Inge Smith
Melissa Hibbott-Simpson
Liz Kwan
Sarah Lai
Tammy Le
Caroline Nicholls
Lucy Maxwell
Laura Sarten
Jess Wilson
Yeeping Wong
Carlisle Twydle
Linh Tra
Sam Hickey
Amber Hodgman
Yvia Magan
Violet Howlett-Aitken
Erin Smith
Sarah Atkins
Louise Priestley
Lisa Li
Renuka Pana

Edited by Garth Badger

Models: Abby Joyce and Duncan @ Red 11

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L’agence web e-commerce Studio Vitamine

Présentation de l’agence web e-commerce Studio Vitamine.
Studio Vitamine est une agence web orientée boutique en ligne & webmarketing, basée à Paris & La Rochelle.

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