Vitamin Water

2nd Place Prize Winner at Cannes MOFILMS Lions Festival 2011

Directors: JP Cannucciari, Jorge Bache, Tim Bailey

Producers: Guido Neira, Jorge Bache

DP: Tim Bailey
Gaffer: Tyrone Rhabb
Grip: Lucas Garzoli

Post Production: JP Cannucciari, Tim Bailey
Animation: Bajibot ( Vincent Mei, JP Cannucciari, Kyoko Fukuma )
Edit: Eyepatch ( Bradley Ross, Bruce Royster )
Sound Design: Troy Hermes

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Vitamin Water Spec Spot

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Kristoffer Borgli – Vitamin Water

***Neverland Film is representing Kristoffer Borgli exclusively in Turkey.***

Kristoffer Borgli was born and raised in a small suburb outside of Oslo. A skateboard and a videocamera dominated his youth, went on to film school and is now directing full time. His music videos have screened at festivals all over the world, earning him prices from the Canadian International Film Festival and the norwegian Grammy (“spellemann”), to name a few and his short film collaboration with The Golden Filter is screening at this years SXSW short film competition. A lot of his work has a combination of visual poetry and a daring story, always interesting to watch.

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Halls Vitamin C Drops Commercial

For my multimedia class we were to pair up and create a 15 or 30 second commercial spot for an existing product. My partner Holly Mann really wanted to do Halls Defense drops, which advertise as having a days worth of vitamin c in every drop to keep ones immune system healthy. We really wanted to focus on the 3 fruits flavors of this product: Orange, Grapefruit, and Lemon.

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Robinson’s Fruit Shoot – Made For Adventures

Adventurous kids don’t need added sugar, and neither do Robinson’s Fruit Shoot drinks.

Creative Director: Nick Gill
Creatives: Liv & Steph
Agency: BBH London
Agency Producer: James Southward
Director: Sam Pilling
Production Company: Pulse Films
Producer: Arlene McGann
DP: Pat Scola
Steadicam: Thomas English
Casting: Hammond Cox
Location Manager: Alistair Vlok
Production Design: Tim Gibson
Wardrobe: Bex Crofton-Atkins
Edit: Thomas Grove Carter @TRIM
Colour: Aubrey Woodiwiss @ETC
Composer: Luis Almau @Soundtree Music
Sound Mix: Ben Leeves @GCRS

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vitamin water – “Infomercial”

Produced by Last Pictures
Design/Animation – //kneeon

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“Rewind” Nutrilite Vitamin B

Client: Nutrilite – Amway
Agency: Kantorwassink
Creative Leads: Wendy Wassink, Dave Kantor, Amy Marinari

SideCar Studios
Director/DP: Josh Tyron
Producer: Raleigh Chadderdon

Chop & Hue
Editor: Dustin Foster
Motion Design & VFX: Daniel Wiltshire
Sound Design and Audio Mix: Steve Maslan

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Biofar šumeće tablete

agency: Leo Burnett
production company: Artvark Film
director: Julio Wood
DP: Kosta Glušica
producer and colorist: Aleksandar Bračinac
VFX & CG: Spring Onion Studio

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Lazarus Brewing – Free Beer for Life

For more information on becoming a Patron Saint of Lazarus Brewing please visit –

Behind the Scenes Breakdowns:
Part 1: Pre-Production –
Part 2.1 – Production Day 1:
Part 2.2 – Production Day 2:
Part 2.3 – Production Day 3:
Part 3: Post-Production:

A Valo Visuals Production –

Director/DP – Evan Bourcier
Producer – Denis Zenchenko

Concept: Nicholas Cryder
Composer – Ben Winwood
Motion Graphic Artist – Philip Elgie
VFX Artist – Brandon Clements
Grip – David Atkins
Sound Op – Richard Hamilton

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