11 Sec Club – Feb 2016 – “A vegetarian at Le Happy Filet”

Here´s my finished February 2016 entry for Eleven Second Club Monthly Competition!

Hope you guys enjoy it!




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Nessie wird Vegan Opener

for credits and further information check the dyrdee website:

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Dubai 49th District

Design by Atkins

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Vitamin D

Music and lyrics by Naomi Davidoff. Animation created, edited, and directed by A.B Moore and Naomi Davidoff.

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Trailer: A Recipe for Gruel

Life, one meal at a time…
A trailer for the 10 minute film I have designed, directed and animated in 2D using TVPaint.
Narration & prose by Frank Key of http://hootingyard.org/.

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Eat Projection Mapping

The mapping took place at the Triennale, an institution attentive to new trends and excellence in the fields of art, design, film and fashion. This historic building has debuted many avant-garde artists and celebrates one of the most important prises for design.

Our idea for this production was born by connecting the history of Triennale, related to the concepts of innovation and quality, with the idea of food expressed by EAT. The concept is a form of allegory exploring the power of small changes toward a healthy diet, represented through a journey of a struggle between good and bad eating habits.

Immersed in an environment dominated by rigid and dark objects, an array of small organic forms slowly begin to materialise, engulfing the hard edged constructions. This colourful transformation suggests that a slow and attentive process can lead to radical and positive changes.

This metaphorical narrative is divided into four moments, each of which represented by colors, shapes and rhythms that evoke the four seasons of the year, promoting the idea of food strongly linked to seasonality.

The journey concludes with the return to the more architectural representations, recalling the beginning, in which bright and cheerful colours leave the viewer with a positive memory of the experience.

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Burning Head

// Looping Gif : https://goo.gl/dHi4kr (Give it some time it’s a big fat 30Mo gif :D)

// Original Illustration by Romain Mazevet // http://mr-gromain.tumblr.com
// HD reference : http://goo.gl/oNcz5M
// The lips are the only part kept from the original illustration. Animation made on AfterEffect, with noises, blurs, grades & JavaScript. The breath movement was made with a simple rig on 3DSmax and the particles with Pflow.
// h264 contrast destruction is the worst thing in the world. I hate it, I hate you h264.

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DC Universe Online Cinemas Montage

One night while on a break from fighting crime our friends at Sony Online Entertainment asked us if we wanted to work on 25 Cut Scene cinemas for their new game, DC Universe Online. After recovering from the initial shock of someone knowing our secret identity we finished eating our foie gras hot dog, put our pants back on and signed on the dotted line.

Director: Lance Sells
Animators: Yoshi Sodeoka, Matt Andrews, Cassidy Gearhart
Video Treatment and Lighting: Lance Sells, Paul Daniel
Production Artist: Shamus Beyale
Designers: Matt Andrews, Michael Cina
Illustrators: Robert Atkins, Ryan Benjamin, Matt Broome, Jim Lee, Mark McKenna, Mike Norton, David Ross, Brian Shearer, Craig Yeung
Colorists: Stephen Downer, Michael Komai, Pete Pantazis, Chris Sotomayor, Matthew Wilson
Sound Design and SFX: Michael Madill, Madsound
Client: Sony Online Entertainment

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Nutella Australia – Recipes Compilation

The Kinetic Agency partnered with Poke The Bear Animation to produce a series of 6 stop motion animations of Nutella based recipes. They were created to promote the Nutella Road Trip traveling up the NSW coast June -July 2017.

Agency – The Kinetic Agency

Producer – Guy Jamieson
Director – Tamara Tirzah Kahn
Animation director – Norman Yeend
Creative – Tiffany Harrison
Camera/lighting – Joseph Saw
Compositing – Bethany Levy & Guy Jamieson

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Vegan Infographic

A short infographic on the benefits of going vegan

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