St Lucia to the British Virgin Islands Vitamine Sea

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CHAD -National Health Center Week 2015

The Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas (CHAD) was looking for a personal note to thank all of the key health center employees during National Community Health Center Week. With that noted, we wanted the piece to have a hand-crafted visual to it to provide the personal touch they were looking for. Enjoy!

Client: Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas (CHAD)
Designer: Cheryl Loh
Animation: Chris Biewer
Voice Over: Kelley Buttrick

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diet coke [30″ commercial]

Another commercial for diet coke.
Made in collab with sir bask164.

music by Hasan Nasser, of Sunday People

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Land O Lakes – Recipes for good. Elevator.

Directed by:
Executive Creative Director:
Orion Tait
Executive Producer:
Anne Skopas
Ann Seymour
Production Coordinator:
Alexi Yeldezian
Creative Director:
Yker Moreno
Associate Creative Director:
Justin Fines
Lead Animator:
Rocio Cogno
Olivia Blanc, Justin Fines, Andreas Bjorn Hansen, Gonzalo Menevichian, Yker Moreno, Kyle Mowat, Thomas Schmid, Yeojin Shin, Kyle Strope
2D Animation:
Nicolo Bianchino, Rocio Cogno, Chad Colby, Gonzalo Menevichian
Cel Animation:
Kyle Mowat, William Trebutien, Rocio Cogno
Stop Motion:
Chad Colby, Gonzalo Menevichian, Kyle Mowat
Rocio Cogno, Jose Fuentes
Art Department:
Kyle Mowat, Junko Shimizu, Chad Colby, Gonzalo Menevichian
Jose Fuentes

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Fancy Vegan | Sticker Pack

Promo for stickers for Telegram

You can download it here:

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Focus on fruits

Fruits are life-enhancing medicines packed with vitamins and minerals that help us stay healthy. This animation is made based on an illustrative simplicity and dynamics in order to draw the attention to fruits. Moving shapes of fruits are blending to each other and making different patterns.

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Diet Pepsi “After Hours”


Diet Pepsi “After Hours” is a 30-second, fully computer generated commercial recently produced for showcase during the 2005 Academy Awards on American broadcast stations. It was completed in about one and half months, with a crew of about 8 core artists at Redrover Animation Studios Ltd.

“After Hours” focuses on creative story development, stylized character animation, dramatic cinematic lighting and clean, sophisticated rendering. The concept was to show a closed convenience store in which a radio was left playing in the background. As we cut to the inside of the refrigerator, we think the (talking) products are agitated by this only to find out they are actually annoyed by the cans partying above them. We then cut to the top level where the Diet Pepsis are rocking out to The Ramones. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to watch the movie.

“After Hours” was extremely challenging to execute technically and creatively. Not only did we have to model an entire refrigerator and every product within it, but we also had to model an entire convenience store with two aisles stocked full of non-existing products as well as create textures for every single one. As a result, this ate away a great deal of our schedule and it also became an intensely heavy scene to render due to the massive amounts of geometry and textures. As usual, we did an extensive amount of research and reference on convenience stores (courtesy of “Convenience K”), and their refrigerators which we based our modeling designs on.

The animation phase underwent the usual process we take in producing commercial animation. We started with a rough animatic, and continually updated each scene every week until our scheduled time ran out. We then continued to tweak animation to the last moment, even during the lighting and rendering phase. Particularly challenging was finding a compromise in the style of animation. Pushing the characters too far started making them look rubbery, while not taking them far enough restricted their performance which was required to tell the story.

Because “After Hours” was completely raytraced and rendered using global illumination lighting techniques, rendering quickly became a problem, especially in scenes involving 30-50 animated cans. Rendertimes for characters approached 2-3 hours per frame, while some backgrounds peaked at 10-12 hours per frame. As a result, we rented an additional 20 rendering boxes and added a 10 CPU Blade Server to our already existing 20 machine renderfarm and 10 workstations. This totalled approximately 60 rendering computers which were working 24 hours a day non-stop for the duration of the production. Needless to say, we blew several power switches along the way.

Among the voice talent were Estelle Harris, George Costanza’s TV mom, doing a fantastic job for the Diet Cokes.

Diet Pepsi “After hours” was was modeled, textured and animated with 3D Studio MAX 6.0, rendered with VRay 1.45.70 using global illumination techniques in combination with traditional lighting rigs, and composited with Combustion.


Animation & Motion Graphics

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Columbia Health 101

The services provided by Columbia University’s Health team.
Directed and Designed by Mark Lopez
Music by Wild Weather
SFX and Mix by Parlante Sound

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Hairspray – Montage

Check us out:

Acclaimed Australian director, David Atkins conceived the Australian production of Hairspray the Musical. In a world first, the entire set consisted of multiple enormous LED screens. DP was commissioned by David Atkins to create the graphic content for this technically challenging and visually compelling show.

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The Age of “Flexitarianism” Infographic

Why does America eat so much meat? A short motion graphics video addressing the problems of the U.S. meat industry and why we should be eating more healthy, high-quality meat.

Music: The Plug by Bonobo
Programs: Adobe After Effects + Illustrator + C4D

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan
Farmer in Chief by Michael Pollan

We’re Eating Less Meat, Why? by Michael Bittman

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