Studio V : VIRGA the Desert’s Tool

Studio V //// Urban-Rural Continuum Research: Body Tool and Industry-Agricultural System Modeling
As we are experiencing extreme changes in climate, our world is becoming more arid, dry, drought prone. In existing deserts these conditions are being exacerbated. Climate and exploitation or diversion of above and below ground water systems are reducing the amount of water needed to sustain the life cycles of flora and fauna in the desert. As a result, communities that were once dependent upon the harvesting of wild desert foods or hunting of desert wildlife, are now relying on processed foods, disconnecting them from their once healthy, native, local food base. Native American tribes in the Sonoran Desert turn to traditional methods of food hunting and foraging as their community faces increasing health problems. VIRGA will support wild desert plant communities by harvesting, storing and distributing condensed water vapor found in the air and soil of the desert. This will provide a food source for human and non human communities by encouraging plant growth in a fragile, extreme climate.

Kate Jirasiritham
Sarah Toth

Denise Hoffman Brandt

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City College of New York

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