Studies Suggest Digestive Healing, Weight Loss & More from Organic Bone Broth Cleanse

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Before performing a bone broth cleanse, it would be wise to talk to a physician, dietician, or nutritionist; it’s delicate work. The essence of it is that you are trying to restore gut health. What is involved with gut health, and how does bone broth cleanse the issues in your gut?

Our modern world lends itself to a highly processed diet with far more toxins and contaminants than getting food fresh and straight from the source. This has a few different effects on our digestive system. First, the ‘good bacteria’, like probiotics, are weakened and cannot help the digestion the way they should. Second, this gives room for harmful bacteria to thrive in the gut, which feeds off of the more processed carbohydrates we have become so accustomed to consuming. And third, our lack of proper nutrients makes it hard for the lining of the digestive tract to rebuild and repair itself, which means the bacteria, and the toxins they create as waste, can leak into the rest of the body and cause all kinds of health issues.

What a bone broth cleanse does is first, cut out all of the unhealthy foods that feed the harmful bacteria in our guts. It also cuts out a lot of what is necessary for the healthy bacteria, but that’s just part of the process. This weakens both groups of bacteria while the collagen, amino acids and minerals from the bone broth starts patching up your stomach and gut lining. Now, your gut’s ecology is restored and you can start rebuilding it from there. In addition to the bone broth, you can begin adding foods that are beneficial for the good bacteria in your digestive system and bolster them. Fermented foods and probiotics come to mind. Meanwhile, you’re still staying clear of anything that the bad bacteria can feed off of; the goal is to eradicate the bad bacteria and allow the good bacteria to thrive. You want to feed one and starve the other; one is helping you, one is harming you.

Though the concept is simple, a bone broth cleanse can be delicate work. Always speak to a professional before attempting any kind of radical change to your diet. You may wish to reference Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, Dr. Mercola, or the GAPS diet for more information about how to properly perform a bone broth cleanse and to repair your digestive system.

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