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Hi, I’m Ruth. After suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 30 years, I turned my health around with the paleo diet. But while making the transition, I spent hours upon hours learning what food to buy and how to prepare it, making plenty of mistakes along the way. I looked for a guide that could break it down into manageable steps. I never did find that perfect paleo guidebook, so I decided to write Step By Step Paleo for you.
I’d like someone to walk me through the changes

Paleo is a process. Step By Step Paleo will make the transition as simple as possible.

Here’s how it works:

Over the next three months I’ll email you a PDF with one mission per week – one dietary change.

You’ll get instructions on what to do & detailed information on exactly how to do it.

What’s different about Step by Step Paleo?

Step By Step Paleo saves you time and trouble
There are lots of great books about paleo. But they can overload you with info on why the paleo diet is the best diet for
humans. I’ll save you time by focusing only on the hows.
Don’t worry. There are lots of links if you want to go deeper.
Step By Step Paleo will prevent carb flu
If you go paleo overnight, you’ll probably get what’s called “carb flu”: brain fog, fatigue, cravings, headaches, and other symptoms. Rather than shocking your system (and your lifestyle) by overhauling your diet all at once, I’ll guide you through a series of gradual changes. Slow & steady wins the race!
It takes the guesswork out of switching to a paleo diet
No jargon. Just the information you need to know.
What to eat
What not to eat
What to look for when you’re shopping

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