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Nussentials LESS Powder is one of the leading stabilized rice bran for healthy lifestyle management destination across the web – unique formula of LESS, complete with whey protein and stabilized rice bran, provides the foundation for a healthy weight management program. Whether your choice is rich vanilla or velvety chocolate, one scoop of LESS every day helps preserve lean muscle tissue while suppressing your appetite; promoting fat loss and boosting your energy.

Less is a mixture of stabilized rice bran and weight protein. It has 20 grams of weight protein per serving. Nanu Nanu protein helps to preserve the muscle tissue while promoting fat lost. A diet high in protein decreases appetite, boosts energy, burns fat and actually blocks fat build up. But you need a right kind of protein ,one that low in saturated fat and one complete protein which is what whey protein is. And what really great is that unique carbohydrate protein ratio is support good weight loss. And what’s more unique insatiable fiber ratio that is, it keeps you from getting hungry. It’s the perfect milk supplement we have both the delicious vanilla tasting lust and a choco tasting lust. You’re making a choice smoothing using your favorite ingredient and it is also great for athletes. Well, it’s great before workout to boost muscle mass and after workout for muscle recovery. Less is the perfect product for all around nutrition and staying in shape.

Whether you are looking for information or just shopping for liquid vitamins or supplements, we’re confident we can help you. Nussentials Corporation

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