Source Adult Video 2 “Check Out” (1 x :30) Series of 2.

Produced for Fulcrum Communications and shot on Sony PD-150 PAL camera on a micro budget, this cheeky spot for Source Adult Video was so effective in its humor and grungy low-budget approach that, along with its sister spot, took the Calgary and Canadian ad industry by storm for both its concept and ‘low fi’ format. It opened the gates to what television commercials could be shot on, and set off a new trend on the local scene.

For authenticity and awkwardness, Commotion worked with a mix of actors and natural “non actor” talent. Creative concept written by Commotion Media and Fulcrum Communications. DP Craig Wrobleski. Direction and editing Devon Bolton. Art Direction Kirsten Bolton and Fulculm Communications. Lots of goodies and details — from the labels on the food jars, to the buttons on the cashier’s apron. We took over an indie grocery store, but had to start filming by 4am in order to finish by opening time several hours later.

The spots were processed for a “Film Look” (Magic Bullet) at The Orphanage in the U.S., and were actually caught in the 911 shut down of the border, almost not making their broadcast in western Canada.

The spots secured Commotion founders Devon and Kirsten Bolton national representation as a commercial directing team early in their careers.


• Winner, Best Series 2002 Calgary AD RODEO
• Winner, Bronze 2002 Summit Creative Awards, Portland

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