Science: the Okinawa Diet is 98% Vegetarian – 85% CARBS and full of GRAINS – Results in longest living humans over 100 years old

Okinawan Diet is NOT full of pork. That is an internet hoax. THE OKINAWAN CENTENARIAN DIET IS: 96% Vegan 98% Vegetarian – 85% carbs – 9% Protein – 6% Fat – 85-10-5 diet.

The Okinawa Centenarian Diet is less than «4% Animal Products (Dairy,Fish,Eggs,Meat,all combined. The Okinawan Centenarian Diet is not animal product based)

The Okinawa Centenarian Diet is less than «1% Fish (The Okinawan Centenarian diet is not fish-based)

The Okinawa Centenarian Diet is less than «1% Meat-Pork (The Okinawan Centenarian diet is plant-based, it is not pork-based) The articles reporting that “Okinawa” means “Island of Pork” were a crank hoax that was traced to a health fraud organization called The Weston A. Price Foundation which is listed on QUACKWATCH. Various other dis-reputable followers and fraudsters such as Sarah Wilson of and Stan Bleszynski of, and Ned Kock of HealthCorrelator, a health fraud site, then falsely republished these fake articles and incorrect claims to further spread the Pork eating fraud. The scientific studies clearly show that the Okinawan Diet is actually less than 1% pork, which means 99% of their diet is NOT pork. And has never been pork. –It turns out that *some* people in okinawa eat pork but they die prematurely. The pork-eaters in okinawa are Not the ones who live to 100 years old. Those are the regular people in okinawa that a tourist might see in public, eating pork, but those are the okinawans who become ill, frail, obese, or get cancer and don’t survive. You need to study the people who are above 100 years old and see what they eat, not what you see on some travel site in public or what you or your friend says he saw when he ‘went there’. That’s not science. Science is where you identify ONLY the people who are the centenarians and then measure what they ate, even way back into the early 1900’s through current life. And it turns out what the ones who lived over 100 ate was NOT loads of pork, it was vegetables, grains, and whopping amounts of carbs. Potatoes, Rice, Soy, Grains, and Sugar. This was all measured scientifically, not based on hearsay or just what some traveler saw. It’s like if you found out Californians live to over 100 years old, due to the Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda California who live the longest of all the Blue Zones in the world and are 100% vegetarian—and then somebody said “Hey, I went to California! And I saw plenty of meat and a hotdog cart on the street in LA, and therefore…hotdogs make you live the longest! Because Californians live long and I went there and saw Californians eating hotdogs.” As you see that is false. The people eating the hotdog meat end up obese and died sooner. The stats for lifespan are being increased by a small population of vegetarians living in LomaLinda California. Science investigates that. Frauds try to trick people by saying “they eat meat in California!” therefore that’s the secret, which is fallacious. Same ploy with Okinawa. It’s the ones who ate nearly No pork at all, less than 1% and 99% not pork, and the ones who avoided eating fish, less than 1%, and ate 98% vegetarian…who lived up over 100 years old in okinawa. The Okinawan Centenarians are nearly entirely vegetarian.

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