Sayan Siberian Evening Instant Chaga Mushroom Tea with Peach Leaf & Fir Needle Extract (60 Pcs) – Wild-Harvested Premium Blend – Natural Antioxidant Tea for Immune and Heart Health Reduce Inflammation

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Immune Boosting Detox Blend of Chaga, Peach Leaf and Siberian Fir Needle

Chaga is the most nutrient-rich of all medicinal mushrooms . In the Sayan Mountains and birch tree forests of Siberia, locals hand-pick Chaga in the wild to drink as a powerful health supporting tea. Siberian Fir has been used since ancient times to promote strength, performance and energy, while Peach leaves are revered as a symbol of longevity in China.

Sayan’s dry compact-extract of Chaga,Peach Leaf and Fir Needle Extract is a concentrated power pack of antioxidants and natural detox ingredients. Our longevity tea is ecologically sourced and produced by water extraction, followed by freeze drying for maximum potency.

Why Choose Sayan Chaga Evening Instant Tea
Sayan Chaga instant evening tea tablets are part of Sayan Chaga’s All Day Chaga Longevity Program, a three-tiered approach that supports longevity and vitality. Sayan Chaga is proud to be the first and only company to apply encapsulation and rapid infusion to bring you a powerful, fast-acting instant tea.

Tea of Youth and Longevity with Adaptogenic Properties
As you coast into the evening after a long day,this premium tea provides the antioxidant protection your body needs. With powerful adaptogens, this potent blend supports longevity and healthy metabolism. Detoxifies the body and sharpens mental focus, supports digestive health and is a great dietary supplement to take in times of stress.

Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Evening Instant Tea
This super blend stimulates the immune system , regulates cholesterol, supports heart health, healthy blood sugar levels and inflammation relief. Offering cell protection against free-radical damage, this immune booster tea helps to detoxify liver, boosts energy and stamina, promotes skin and hair vitality. Sayan Chaga is produced to ensure our tea blend delivers the maximum amount of phytonutrients, polysaccharides and beta glucans your body needs.UNIQUE BLEND OF CHAGA, PEACH LEAF & FIR NEEDLE – Siberian Chaga is full of phytonutrients, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K, as well as manganese, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and fiber. Chaga , Peach Leaf and Fir Needle are a powerful antioxidant and detox combo. Peach Leaf freshens breath and helps to calm the nerves and stomach, while Fir Needle detoxifies the body, supporting respiratory tract and metabolic function.
POWERFUL IMMUNE BOOSTER AND DETOXIFIER – Frequently referred to as the ‘Kings of Herbs’, Chaga is an important adaptogen that helps the body manage in times of stress. Rich in polysaccharides and beta-glucans, this all natural dietary supplement reduces inflammation helps to detoxify, purify the blood and protect the liver. An amazing polypore fungus that naturally supports healthy yeast levels and helps your body in fight against bacterial growth.
EASY TO MAKE, SMOOTH & SURPRISINGLY TASTY – Likened to a cross between tea and coffee , Chaga is neither too sweet or over-powering. Pleasantly mild and earthy with no aftertaste or brewing required. For a soothing and calming evening blend, simply mix with hot water, allow to sit, stir and drink – no teabag required! Quick to prepare, this tasty compressed Chaga Peach Leaf and Fir extract tea is perfect on its own or with a dash of honey.
WILD HARVESTED IN PRISTINE SIBERIAN FORESTS – A true longevity superherb, the Chaga mushroom is a nutrient-rich fungus that thrives on birch trees deep in pristine Siberian forests. Our wild forest Chaga extract is produced by water extraction then freeze-dried for maximum potency. Each Chaga instant tea tablet is uniquely blended with Peach leaves and Siberian Fir extract to provide maximum antioxidant protection.
ALL NATURAL NON-GMO, DAIRY AND GLUTEN-FREE – Free from gluten, dairy, caffeine, preservatives, fillers, binders and artificial additives, Sayan non-GMO Chaga tea is safe for vegetarian and vegan diets. Produced at FDA registered facility and packaged in the USA under strict GMP certified standards. Our strict processing assures the purity and quality that our customers expect, ensuring only the very best Chaga Tea is delivered to your door.


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