Sammy D TV // Episode 15 // 5 Things That Have Made Me Happier & Healthier

I decided to change things up for this week’s episode.

I’ve had a lot of outreach via social media regarding my diet, my drive, my determination … and in a sense, my direction.

Like most of you, I’m a 20-something female with ambition and passion. But I’m also a 20-something female with ambition and passion who wants to live a balanced, happy, healthy life.

I’m always learning how to achieve all of the above and feel a constant sense of fulfillment. Here are 5 new things I’ve learned & embraced since the New Year that I wanted to share with you. The rundown:

1.) SLEEP!
2.) Yoga! [Try Rodney Yee DVDs & Gaim products] 3.) Fats & Protein! [try] 4.) Coconut oil on your face [Whole Foods 356 Organic brand] 5.] Prioritizing your day! [4 Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferris]

This video cut short at the end because I went way too long! Please leave me a comment if you were inspired — or if you have your own quips of 20-something wisdom that you want to share.

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