Quick and Easy Coconut Flour Recipes: Perfect for Paleo, Celiac and Gluten Free Diets

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If you are a beginner in baking or just rushed for time, but want to enjoy the numerous health benefits of Coconut Flour then this book is for YOU.

Here are just a few health and nutrition benefits of Coconut Flour:

– High in fibre, which could help healthy weight loss and lower cholesterol.
– High in essential proteins, which rebuilds tissue and cells.
– Gluten Free. No more sore stomachs!
– Suitable for Celiac diets.
– Great for Paleo Diet followers.
– Delicious exotic taste.

In Quick and Easy Coconut Flour Recipes you will receive:

– Guide on ‘How to make your own Coconut Flour in minutes’.
– 20 quick yet delicious baking recipes, with selected HD images.
– Recipes for both Sweet and Savory tastebuds.
– Recipes for light snacks to full dinners.
– Quick recipes starting from just 5 minutes and beyond.


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