Punch Drysdale

Punch Drysdale are two guys that do live sketch-comedy in Toronto.

Starring: Norm Sousa & Cole Osborne
Written by: Norm Sousa & Daniel Warth
Directed by: Daniel Warth & Evan DeRushie
Music: “Flower Gardens” by. Chad VanGaalen

Director of Photography: Philipp G. Berg
Gaffer: John Baxter
Art Direction: Alyssa Hanson & Karen Harnisch
Ice Cream Cones By: Deborah Robinson
“Ale” Sign By: Peter Warth

Production Assistants:
Stephanie Atkins
Aaron Feldman
Elizabeth May
Jennifer Roberts

Special Thanks To:
Brian Barlow & Deborah Etta Robinson
Cabaret Vintage
Honest Ed’s
Karen Harnisch
Peter Warth
The Bread & Circus
William F. Whites International

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