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We are back with the 3rd Edition of “Pressure Cooker: The Ultimate Cookbook For Easy And Delicious Recipes”. 3rd Edition adds new recipes to the list and images of final dishes for every recipe as well as a NEW BONUS. Simple, tasty, and fast is still the motto. Using a pressure cooker to its full advantage and all of its benefits, your meals have never tasted this good before. Cooking time is 70% quicker, better energy efficiency, and of course a cooler kitchen. Meant to help even the busiest of people today. Here is a glimpse at a set of recipes found inside:

  • Spare Ribs with BBQ
  • South African Mince Meat Pie
  • Ginger and butternut squash soup
  • Cranberry braised turkey wings
  • Red lentil chili
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Italian cannellini and mint salad
  • And Much More

Here Is What Our Readers Had To Say:

“Enjoyable cookbook. I would definitely recommend even though i personally got it for free. Good bang for the buck” – Martin

“This is exactly what I needed, to cook delicious cuisines that are out-of-the-box. What surprised me the most is how easy it really is to make foreign cuisines like Hungarian Chicken, Peruvian Quinoa Salad and South African Mince Meat rice just to name a few. Everyone at home loves the Cranberry Braised Turkey. Typically turkey has a distinct taste and in my experience it’s always been difficult to have this meet absorb the seasoning. But, with the Cranberry Braised Turkey recipe this is not the case. It has an amazing delicious flavor. I’m just glad this book landed in my hands.” – Farah Golden

“Full of creative and delicious-sounding recipes which are well written and easy to follow…..
A good book for anyone who’s looking for some creative recipes!” – R. Richards

“This is a surprisingly effective book! I love how simple these recipes are. The best part is that the ingredients are very common! I travel often so it’s great to know I can shop for these ingredients easily and make pressure cooker meals almost anywhere. I’ll be sure to take this eBook wherever I travel to next! As the author states, these recipes are quite healthy. I didn’t expect the cook times to be so short (about 10 minutes for some of them) so that’s an added bonus because I never really stopped eating like a college kid, even after I graduated. I like my meals to be filling, satisfying, healthy, fast, and cheap. Pressure cooker meals certainly fit that bill!”

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