PFFC – Un-Supersize Me

Being over weight is a problem. Especially when you are a teenager. Follow Josh on his journey to lose the pounds he’s carried from childhood. 18 years old and weighing in at 352 pounds he decides he is ready to try a diet plan. He has hot pink hair because he would rather be known as the kid with with pink hair than the fat kid! He’s never eaten a salad and doesn’t know what a cucumber taste like. His parents both struggle with weight and his mom even had bypass surgery. Josh wants to try to lose the weight naturally so he embarks on a new diet program from France, Ideal Protein. He learns how to make stir-fry and eat soy noodles. Yes, even cucumbers. His determination is catchy and his Dad decides to join him on the diet. Watch as a typical American family transforms their lives in more ways than just weight loss and eating habits.

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