Personal Fitness Trainer Stretch Dynamic Standing Knee to Chest Stretch How To NYC personal trainer shows you how to do the standing knee to chest stretch. The standing knee to chest stretch is one of the most basic and easy to perform dynamic stretches. Like all stretches it helps improve flexibility. Like all dynamic stretches, it engages muscle groups on one side of the body while stretching opposite muscles on the other side of the body. In the standing knee to chest stretch, you’re stretching the hip, glute (butt) and lower back on one leg, while engaging and balancing on the other. In addition to improving flexibility, you are also improving balance and coordination. This is what makes the stretch dynamic. Dynamic stretches like the standing knee to chest are more functional than your typical static stretches.

Andrew was ranked among the best personal trainers in NYC. He’s a published author who recently released his latest book “Nutrition Mission Dieting Is Not Impossible.” He has a BS in Health Wellness with a concentration in Nutrition. Obtained the prestigious CSCS credential from the NSCA and has over a decade of fitness industry experience.

Andrew provides in home personal training in NYC. He also provides 1 on1 personal training at private gyms and fitness studio locations throughout Manhattan.

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